Prichat Hapekan, hamasmer vehakir
Chalon el yare’ach began arfili
Rak geshem katan rak mashav shel avir
Ki kshehu lo same’ach atzuv gam etzli
Ten atzitz shetzome’ach bo perach zaken
Shekol ha’alim bo yar’u lo sheken
Et toach adanit shel ohev lo ohev
He’alim shel halo yinsheru mehalev

Gam im maklot bagalgalim
Gam im kol hashvilim
Od lo slulim
Vetzarich la’avod harbe harbe harbe
Me’od shana le’od shana
Titzba et hatmuna
Bemashav shel avir o begeshem katan
Bemasmer uvakir
Bifrichat haPecan

Sofim nisgarim, hatchala shetirchav
Bechodesh sole’ach kaze eluli*

Rak ten lo bkarim chadashim le’enav
Ki kshehu lo poke’ach
chashuch gam etzli
O atzitz shetzome’ach bo toren lavan
Haseva hi tava lehazkir et hazman
Belev hamula shel margish lo murgash
Hadvarim hashvurim yitchabru mechadash


The blossom of the Pecan, the nail, the wall
A window to the moon in a misty garden
Just a little rain, just a little gust of wind
When he is sad, I am unhappy too
Give us a pot with an old flower
Where all the leaves will show him it is true
Into a planter, he loves, he loves not
The “no” leaves will fall from the heart

Even with sticks in the wheels
Even if all the roads
Are still not paved
And we need to do lots and lots of work
From one year to another
The picture will be painted
With a gust of wind, with a little rain
With a nail and wall
With the blossom of the Pecan

Lose ends are tied up, a wide beginning
In a forgiving month, Elul*
(Day of Atonement is in the month of Elul)
Let him see new mornings
Because when he will not wake up
I will see only darkness
Or a pot growing a white mast
Getting old is good to remind us of time
In the middle of the noise, feeling, unfelt
Broken things will be put together again

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Keren Peles
Keren Peles
Keren Peles
Gadi Bitton

Words transliterated and translated by Chana Shuvaly of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
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