Kach hashir hazeh nif'tach
hasipur k'mo batana"ch
lu hayah zeh hayom
betach lo hayita ma'amin

Na'arah yefat mar'eh
elem chamudot na'eh
ohavim ve'lo y'cholim
lihyot zo im zeh

Aba mit'naged nora
ve'ima mosifah et shelah
vaharei shneihem yod'im
she'elem ve'almah lo maf'ridim

Betzalmo bara et ha'adam
ve'ahavah nat'a bechulam
ume'az hakol yod'im
le'ahavah lo mit'nagdim

Kol sason vekol simchah
vekol chatan vekol kalah
yavo'u bivrit ha'ohavim
zehu shir hanisu'in

Ume'az oto mikreh
his'tader hakol yafeh
bachaim korim dvarim
she'lo hayita ma'amin

Pit'om habachur yatza
mul avi behat'rasha
ha'ahavah sheli einah
nofelet me'ahavatcha

Az avi amar sachtan
sach hakol hervachti ben
vechulam me'usharim
sharim et shir hanisu'in

Betzalmo bara et ha'adam...

Aba lavush bachalifah
ve'ima menagevet dim'ah
ve'itam kol ha'orchim
sharim et shir hanisu'in

Betzalmo bara et ha'adam...



This is how this song opens
the story is like in the bible
if only it was today
surely you woudln't believe it

A beautiful girl
a guy full of delightfulness
love each other and cannot
be with one another

Father disagrees sharply
and Mother adds her piece
and all the while the two of them know
that a boy and a girl do not split

In his image He created man
and he planted love in everyone
and since then everyone knows
there's no opponents to love

The sound of joy and gladness,
the voice of groom and bride.
they shall come to the lovers covenant
this is the wedding song

And since that event
everything settled nicely
in life things happen
which you wouldn't believe

Suddenly the boy went out
against my father in defiance
"my love does not
fall (far) from your love"

Then my father said "blackmailer,
after all I gained a son"
and everyone is happy
sharim et shir hanisu'in

In his image He created man...

Father is dressed in a suit
and Mother is wiping a tear
and all the guests are with them
singing the wedding song

In his image He created man...

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Ephraim Shamir
Ephraim Shamir
Gali Atari

Words transliterated and translated by George Jakubovits of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
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