Mi poter et hachidah – eizeh chag kareiv uva?
Chag Chanukah higi'a, lichvodo nashir, nari'a
Chag Chanukah higi'a, lichvodo nashir, nari'a.

Mi nilcham bayevanim, venitze'ach et ha'oyvim?
Maccabim sham bag'vurah, heim heivi'u hage'ulah.
Umadu'a me'irim haneirot haze'irim?
Kad hashemen hakatan lamenorah orah natan.

Mi al regel yechidah, meraked beChanukah?
Hasvivon roked bli heref, min haboker ad ha'erev.
Mah kulanu ohavim? Hateid'u zot, yeladim?
Levivot shel Chanukah, lechol yeled veyaldah!

Who can this riddle solve – which festival will soon be near?
Chanukah is here, in its honour we'll sing and cheer.
Chanukah is here, in its honour we'll sing and cheer.

Who fought the Greeks, our enemies defeated?
The Maccabees played heroic roles, they brought about redemption.
And why do these tiny candles their light shine forth?
Because the cruse of oil lit the Temple Menorah.

Who or what on Chanukah on one foot skips around?
The dreidel dances without stopping, from morn to night it's bopping.
What do all you kids love best? Can you answer this one next?
Chanukah latkes, crisp and hot; for girls and boys - we kid you not!


שיר חידה לחנוכה

Hebrew words

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Yehudith Sela-Viner
Yehudith Sela-Viner

Words transliterated and translated by Gila Ansell Brauner of Jerusalem, Israel.
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