At li or hashemesh sahar esh
Ve'at li yam okyanos ve'agam
Ve'at ivsaht haru'ach harochesh
Ve'em ha'adama basar va'esh

Ma'or gadol layom
ma'or lala'il
At mafliga iti michof el chof
Noset oti el al el hashamyim
Ilan rabot shoshai bitvachech hanof

Tov ha'or tov hayam
kol od at kan v
e'ad olam

Tov hamaga ha'avir
ki at iti kmo lachan shir
Ach im pit'om telchi li
Im ish acher uali
Hakarka tishamet li miraglai

Et kol sheyesh li latet natai lach katef gdola
Yadayim mutzakot chibuk anak maga over varach
vechom mishtey enayim amukot ani mevakesh
Harbe ohevet rak at nochach otach lev el lev
Ve'et kochech mimeni at sho'evet
ve'et kochi mimech ani sho'ev

Tov ha'or tov hayam.....


You are to me the sun's light the moon the fire
You are to me the sea ocean and lake
You are the wind's murmur
Mother earth flesh and fire

A big lighting during day
and one for the night
You sail with me from shore to shore
You carry me up high to the sky
Many trees in the landscape

The light is good, so is the sea
until the end of time
as long as you are here

The touch is good, so is the air,
because you are like a song's melody
But if suddenly you leave
with another man maybe
the earth will drop from under my feet

All I had to give I gave you a big shoulder
Solid hands huge hug a gentle touch
I ask for the warmth for two eyes
You love a lot from heart to heart
You draw your strength from me
And I draw my strength from you

The light is good.....

Hebrew words

Dudu Barak
Shmuel Albaz
Menni Peretz
Eli Ronen

Words transliterated and translated by Chana Shuvaly of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
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