Od yavo lanu boker, mitoch has'dinim
ya'aleh shuv reicho shel haguf.
Yitz'chaku tzaharaim chazak bapanim
vetz'chokam mesanver vechatzuf.

Od yered lanu choshech,
mibli shenar'gish
yidal'ku panasim rishonim.
Vehalailah yavo veyipol al hak'vish
veyil'chash beshemot nechonim.

Zeh shir ahavah pashut,
pashut shir ahavah
lelailah bakayitz,
leru'ach tovah.
Zeh shir ahavah pashut,
pashut shir ahavah
lelailah bakayitz.

Od yagi'u sha'ot metukot bamir'peset
she'lo niz'kekot lemilim.
Od yetz'u shabatot beshalvah uvechesed,
barish'rush ha'adin ba'alim.

Ye'archu tzelachot vekelim al shulchan,
aruchot yit'bashlu basirim,
ve'atah gam tavo veteshev iti kan,
ani lo etz'tarech od shirim.

Zeh shir ahavah pashut...

Od yanu'ach ha'et,
tisager hamach'beret,
rak latzet velin'shom k'tzat avir.
Har'chovot shomemim, hasha'ah me'ucheret,
rak ani vehalailah ba'ir.

Zeh shir ahavah pashut...


A morning shall yet come to us, from the sheets
the fragrance of the body shall rise again.
Afternoon will laugh loudly in our faces
and its laughter is blinding and impudent.

Darkness shell yet come down on us,
without us feeling it
the first lanterns will be lit.
And the night will come and fall on the road
and whisper the right names.

This is a simple love song
simply a love song
for a night in the summer,
for a good wind.
This is a simple love song
simply a love song
for a night in the summer.

Sweet hours on the balcony that
don't need words shall yet come.
Saturdyas in tranquility and grace will come out
with the delicate rustling of the leaves.

Plates and cutlery will be set on a table,
meals will be cooked in pots,
and you too will come and sit with me here,
I won't neet any more songs.

This is a simple love song...

The pan shall yet rest,
the notebook will be closed,
only to go out and breathe a bit of air.
The streets are desolate, it's late,
only I and the night are in the city.

This is a simple love song...

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Aya Korem
Aya Korem
Aya Korem
Aya Korem 2006 Track 2
Avi Levy

Words transliterated and translated by George Jakubovits of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
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