Ani shikor vezeh galui
Kadat kedin vekeshatui
Veshum davar lo ya'azor
Mikol davar ani shikor

Miboker tzach veyom yafeh
Misuk'razit vekos kafeh
Milechem tov, tari vacham
Umi'ishah ohevet gam

Ani shikor mamash k'mo Lot
Min hanofim vehamar'ot
Min/me- hatz'vaim shemisaviv
Miperach shemaz'kir aviv

Mireiach bosem pardasim
Milailah shehayah mak'sim
Mechadashot im hem tovot
Mishtei einaich hayafot

Ani shikor velo miyayin yedidai
Ani shikor mimah sherak ro'ot einai
Ani shikor roshi roshi alai s'char'char
Ani shikor acheret lo hayiti shar

Ani shikor ba'emunah
Shikor ad k'lot haneshamah
Me'erev kayitz meyucham
Umiyare'ach adam'dam

Mikol kochav rachok notzetz
Umitzipor k'tanah al etz
Mizug ohev shemit'ales
Mishir same'ach shel Brasens

Ani shikor ani nishba
Gam lif'amim bli shum sibah
Mishemesh choref chamimah
Me'eshkolit achat t'mimah

Mistav shalechet ve'alim
Mikinorot vachalilim
Miserenadot atzuvot
Mishtei einaich hayafot

Ani shikor velo miyayin...

Ani shikor kach mistaber
Gam miyofiah hameshaker
Shel na'arah chataltulit
Mebeged yam du mas'luli

Me'alamot meshovevot
Sheragleihen hachatuvot
Asher notz'ru lehitlatef
Osot li click betoch halev

Ani shikor ______
Miyeladim shetzochakim
Mizug z'kenim al hasaf'sal
Umitinok sheba'arsal

Mishir yashan shemitnagen
Me'ahavah achat gam ken
Me'elef tziporim afot
Mishtei einaich hayafot.

Ani shikor velo miyayin...


I'm drunk and it's revealed
Like faith, like judgement, and as drunk
And nothing will help
I'm drunk from everything

From a clear morning and a nice day
From a pinch of sweetener and a cup of coffee
From good bread, fresh and warm
And from a loving woman too.

I'm drunk, just like Lot
From the landscapes and the views
From the colours (all) around
From a flower that reminds of spring

From the scent of orchards' perfume
From a fascinating night
From news if they are good
From your two pretty eyes

I'm drunk but not from wine my friends
I'm drunk just from what my eyes see
I'm drunk, my head is whirling around me
I'm drunk, otherwise I wouldn't sing

I'm drunk in the belief
Drunk until the soul's end
From an exciting summer evening
And from the reddish moon

From each far, twinkling star
And from a small bird on a tree
From a loving couple that's playing
From a happy song of Brasens

I'm drunk I swear
Sometimes even without a reason
From the warm winter sun
From one pure grapefruit

From leaves, (their) fall in autumn
From violins and flutes
From sad serenades
From your two pretty eyes

I'm drunk but not from wine...

I'm drunk it's becoming clear
Even from the intoxicating beauty
Of a kitten girl
From a two part swimsuit

From naughty girls
Who's legs are shapely
That were made to stroked
They make a click inside my heart

I'm drunk _____
From kids that are laughing
From an old couple on the bench
From a toddler in a hammock

From an old song that's being played
From one love too
From a thousand flying birds
From your two pretty eyes

I'm drunk but no from wine...

שיכור ולא מיין

Hebrew words

Yossi Banai
Matti Caspi
Yossi Banai
Barry Avidan

Words transliterated and translated by George Jakubovits of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
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