Lema'ala bashamayim od kochav nofel
Halev mevakesh lo mish'ala
Otzem et ha'enayim holech kmo tzel
La'ahava shelach kala

Ve'at chaki li, chabkini
kchi oti itach
La'ahava shelo nigmeret
Ve'at chaki li, chabkini
El halev shelach
le'hit'atef ba'ahava

Kan hayom lifney kulam
Nishba lach le'olam
ohev otach verak otach
At ha'or benishmati
nishba ahuvati
lihyot shelach verak shelach

Habiti el halayla ein sof lakachol
She'at iti kochav nolad
Vehu me'ir lema'ala ro'e hakol
Yode'a she'at lo levad

Ve'at chaki....

Kan hayom......


Up in the sky another star falls
The heart makes a wish
I close my eyes walking like a shadow
Longing for your love

And you, wait for me, hug me
Take me with you
To the endless love
And you, wait for me, hug me
To your heart
To be wraped in love

Here and today, in front of every body
I swear to you, forever
I will love you, only you
You are the light in my soul
I vow to you my love
To be yours, only yours

Look at the night, the endless blue
When you are with me a star is born
It lights up there it sees every thing
It knows you are not alone

And you....

Kan hayom.....

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Yosi Gispan
Shimon Buskila
Stalos And Oren Chen
Israel Shiker

Words transliterated and translated by Chana Shuvaly of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
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