Hazman et hashanim yanis,
uk'tzat bina balev machnis,
aval yeshnam d'varim shehu od lo gilah li.
Ha'im yifrach li od shoshan,
ha'im na'or bi nitzotz noshan,
ha'im besof haderech mechakah t'shuvah li?

Ve'ech ned'a im yesh tikvah.
Shek'shenavo, shek'shenavo nimtza t'shuvah.

Le'an nimshechet ham'silah,
le'an holechet hat'filah,
umi yashiv lashe'elah,
umi yishm'a li?
Umi yiftach li levavo,
ve'im elech le'an avo?
ha'im besof haderech mechakah t'shuvah li?

Zeh rak ani vezo rak at,
vezeh harbeh vezeh ko me'at
ve'ech ned'a im lo lereik avru chayeynu.
Ha'im amalnu lo lashav,
ha'im beitenu lo yich'rav,
ha'im tichyeh ha'ahavah gam achareinu?



Time will put the years to flight,
and puts a little understanding in the heart,
but there are things that it still doesn't reveal to me.
Will another lily bloom for me,
will an old spark awaken within me?
at the end of the day, does an answer await me?

And how will we know if there is hope.
That when we will arrive, we will find an answer.

Where does the path continue,
where does the prayer go,
and who will answer the question,
who will hear me?
And who will open his heart to me,
and if I go, where will I arrive?
at the end of the day, does an answer await me?

It's just me and you,
it's so much and so very little,
and how will we know our lives weren't empty?
Have we worked for nothing,
will our house (not) be destroyed,
will love survive even after us?


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The Greek original is a song from 1974, "Ti thelis yero" ("What do you want, old man?").

Thanks to Eva Broman for this information.
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hebrew: Eli Mohar orig. Giorgos Kalamariotis
Argiris Kounadis
Arik Einstein
Rena Koumioti
Antonis Kalogiannis
Rena Koumioti's CD
Avi Perez 1986

Words transliterated and translated by Larry Denenberg of Boston, Massachussetts, USA.
Portuguese translation by Helena Wajsfeld Zins of S?o Paulo - S?o Paulo, Brazil.
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O tempo far? os anos voarem
e por? um pouco de compreens?o no cora??o
mas h? coisas que at? agora n?o me foram reveladas.
Outro l?rio florescer? para mim.
Ser? que a velha chama vai se reavivar sem mim?
Ao final do dia me aguarda uma resposta?

E como saberemos se aqui h? esperan?a
de que quando chegarmos teremos resposta?

Para onde o caminho continua
para onde aquele que reza vai
e quem responder? ? quest?o,
quem me ouvir??
E quem abrir? seu cora??o para mim,
e se eu for, quando chegarei?
Ao final do dia me aguarda uma resposta?

Agora somos eu e voc?
? o bastante e tamb?m muito pouco.
E como saberemos se nossas vidas n?o foram vazias?
Se trabalhamos para nada.
Ser? nossa casa poupada da destrui??o?
Sobreviver? inalterado nosso amor depois de n?s?

CORO: E como saberemos ...

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