The traditional New Year song 


Shanah halcha, shanah ba'ah
Ani kapai arimah;
Shanah tovah lecha, Aba,
Shanah tovah lach, Ima,
Shanah tovah, shana tovah!

Shanah tovah ledod gibor
Asher al hamishmeret
Ulechol noter, ba'ir, bak'far,
Birkat "chazek" nimseret
Shanah tovah, shanah tovah!

Shanah tovah, tayas amitz,
Rochev bimerom shamaim,
Verov shalom melach ivri,
Oseh darko bamayim
Shanah tovah, shanah tovah!

Shanah tovah lechol amel
Benir vegam bemelet,
Shanah tovah umetukah
Lechol yaldah veyeled!
Shanah tovah, shanah tovah!



A year went, a year is coming
I raise my hands;
A good year to you, Dad,
A good year to you, Mom,
A good year, a good year!

A good year to uncle-hero
Who is on guard duty
And to each guard, in the city or village
A "be strong" blessing is passed to them
A good year, a good year!

A good year oh brave pilot,
Riding in the heights of heavens,
And much peace oh Hebrew sailor,
Making his way in the water
A good year, a good year!

A good year to everyone toiling
In a field or in a mortar
A good and sweet year
To every girl and boy!
A good year, a good year!

Hebrew words

This most well loved Jewish New Year song was written by Levin Kipnis and composed by Nahum Nardi. It was first published in 1923 in Berlin in a collection of songs to Kindergarten teachers called "Hamachrozet" (the string).

The song is a series of greetings by a child to different people in their lives.

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Levin Kipnis
Nahum Nardi

Words transliterated and translated by George Jakubovits of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
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