Hayiti be pariz vegam be roma
Ra'iti et shiva'at pilay tevel
Bekotev hatsfoni vegam daroma
Ach ein makom kmo eretz yisrael

Ukmo gluyot shel nof yafot
Tmunot vezichroni afot
Kmo be'ad adasha shel matzlema
Betarmili oto isa
Bekol makom bekol masa
Kitay psifas mitoch tmunah shlema

Shalom lach Eretz nehederet
Avdech hadal noseh lach shir mizmor
Gan im le'itim nodded ani al derech
Ma tov lindod ach tov yoter lachzor

Tsrichei hamigdalim beyerushalayim
Vesimta'ot hashuk hatzivoni
Gigot hara'afim shel givata'im
Haivatim meba'ad chaloni

Et ha'aviv beTel Aviv
Et sabati ve'et sabi
Et hachala ve'et neirot shabat
Et yam hamelach mul adom
Ve'eshet lot tsofeh lesdom
Ve'hakayitz bo'echa Eilat

Shalom Lach....

Meyameha hakchulim shel hakineret
Veharkiya hato'em me'al
Vehargashat habayit hamukeret
Betoch orki zoremet kmo chashmal

Harei galil vehashomron
Hapardesim shebasharon
Veyeladim began hamoshava
Et hacarmel ve'et hayam
Echad echad ve'et kulam
Tamid kortzim omrim baruch habah

Shalom Lach....


I have been in Paris and also Rome
I have seen the seven wonders of the world
The North pole and also the south
But there is no place like the land of Israel

And like postcards of beautiful scenery
Pictures fly about in my memory fly,
Like in the camera's lens
In the backpack I will carry
Te every place, on every journey
Mosaic fragments from a complete picture.

Hello Wonderful Country,
Your poor servant sings you a song
Even if I sometimes wander on my way,
It's good to wander but better to return.

The spiers of the towers in Jerusalem
And the alleys of the colorful market
The tiled roofs of Givatayim
Staring through my window.

The spring in Tel Aviv,
My grandmother and grandfather,
The challah and the Shabbat candles,
The Dead Sea in opposite the Red
And Lot's wife looking over Sodom
And the summer toward Eilat.

Hello Wonderful Country......

The blue waters of lake Kinneret
And matching sky above.
And the familiar feeling of home
Flows in my arteries like electricity.

The Galilean Mountains and the Shomron,
The orchards in the Sharon,
And the children in the garden of the settlements
The Carmel and the sea
One by one and all together
Always winking, saying welcome

Hello Wonderful Country......

שלום לך ארץ נהדרת

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Ilan Goldhirsch
Steven Goodman
Yehoram Gaon
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