Zeh hayah rikud lishnaim
al mirpeset mul hayam
tza'ad be'arba einaim
besignon yashan vetam
tza'ad be'arba einaim
besignon yashan vetam.

Yad chat katef choveket -
ha'acheret beyadcha,
me'eineicha lo chomeket
- tza'adi mul tza'adcha,
ha'olam hayah bore'ach
k'sherakadnu - le'ibud,
ve'afilu hayare'ach
- na beketzev harikud.

Zeh hayah rikud lishnaim...

Barikud hazeh shel pa'am,
i efshar hayah lir'ot,
ken hayah bo eizeh ta'am
- veratzon le'od ve'od
belibi ani zocheret
- eich besheket, behester,
li lachshta - "ein acheret,"
ve'aniti - "ein acher."

Zeh hayah rikud lishnaim...

Ach heichan hi hatiz'moret -
hap'santer hakinorot,
od me'at kvar sof ashmoret
- od me'at kivui orot,
me'aleinu hashamaim
- k'mo chupah shel kochavim,
ach heichan heichan hashnaim
- berikud ha'ohavim.

Zeh hayah rikud lishnaim...


It was a dance for two
on the balcony in front of the sea
a step with four eyes
in an old, pure style
a step with four eyes
in an old, pure style.

One hand embracing a shoulder -
the other in your hand,
I'm not slipping away from your eyes
- my step against yours,
the world would run away
when we danced - to an abyss,
and even the moon
- moved to the rhythm of the dance.

It was a dance for two...

In this dance that once was,
it was not possible to see,
yes, there was a certain taste to it
- and a will for more and more
in my heart I remember
- how in silence and secret,
you whispered to me - "there's no other"
and I replied - "there's no other."

It was a dance for two...

But where is the orchestra -
the piano the violins,
soon it'll already be the end of a night watch
- soon the lights'll be off,
above us the sky
- like a wedding canopy of stars,
but where oh wehrear ethe two
- in the dance of lovers.

It was a dance for two...

Photo of Artist & Hebrew words

Ehud Manor
Nurit Hirsch
Yardena Arazi

Words transliterated and translated by George Jakubovits of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
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