Shtei neshamot ovrot bashdera
Achat be’miel hashniyah be’shimla
Chiuch, Chibuk, yad mushetet.

Shtei neshamot nishanot al habar
Shimla chadasha, meil mevugar,
Lochesh la ve’he tzocheket.

Ve’kol ze karah be’laila lavan
Beli tov ubli ra ubli tchooshat zman
Shtei neshamot yotzot berikud katan

Shtei neshamot yotzot larechov
Achshav yoter kar, achsav gam ratuv
Meil mechase me’aleia

Shtei nesahmot bechadar madregot
Mebitot lashamaim umechakot
shesufa techale ananeia

Ve’kol ze karah be’laila lavan...............

Shtei nesahmot beboker bohek
Achat bamitta ve’achat halcha la
Achat alcha la
Petek adom munach al hakar
Petek adom alav metzuyar
chadar madregot ve’yareach

Ve’kol ze karah be’laila lavan..............


Two souls walking through the boulevard
One in a coat the other in a dress
A smile, an embrace, a hand stretched out

Two souls leaning against a bar
A new dress, an elderly coat
He whispers to her she chuckles.

All this took place on white night
Without good or bad and no sense of time
Two souls embark on a little dance

Two souls out on the street
Its colder now, and wetter,
Coat covers her.

Two souls in the stairwell
Looking at the sky and waiting
That the storm clouds will pass

All this took place on white night....

Two souls on a bright morning
One in bed the other has gone away
One has already gone away
A red note under the pillow
A red note on it a drawing
Of a stairwell and a moon

All this took place on white night.......

Hebrew words

Yaeli Sobol
Yizhar Ashdot
Yizhar Ashdot
Asher Oshri

Words transliterated and translated by Yehuda Kaplan of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
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