Banot rokdot yadaim al hatusik
banim mil'fanim mamash tzamud lapupik
kulam rokdim et rikud hashortie biggie
im ein lecha im mi - chapes -
im ein lecha tashigi!

Kulam rokdim achshav ani machtiv t'aketzev
rak notnim berosh rak simchah lo etzev.
Habarman kofetz, ha-DJ notzetz,
hashomrim lo yecholim beknisah
ki hamusikah shelanu makfitzah.

Chamuda, lamah at lo rokedet
...at po levad?
az bou iti, niten bejiggy-jiggy,
bam bam bam
rikud hashortie biggie
yesh shem, yesh signon,
rokdim beshiga'on,
mik'tzavim she'af echad od lo nisah
ve'al kol hashe'ar notzi tzav harisah.

Banot rokdot...

Takshivu li banot,
biggie kan al habamah
ve'al kol habnei zonot
od nichriz milchamah.
Az t'nu li respect yesh kan effect
ki ani po hayachid shemachlit
zorem lachem badam kove'a et habeat.

Chamuda, lamah at lo rokedet
...at po levad?
mechonat lehitim meshumenet beyoter
lo pozel litz'dadim, lo ani lo mevater
haramkol tzo'ek habase-drum dofek
ki yesh hip hop chadash mehamizrach
ve'et hastyle hazeh shelanu
af echad lo yikach.

Banot rokdot...

Lo titfos oti, biglal zeh kor'im li shortie
chamakmek k'mo chankan
lo yisha'er lecha chamtzan
ulai ani katan aval yesh li gadol
ata tetze shafan velik'rashim tipol.
Shanim shel avodah kashah umefarechet
hanivah perot vehamusikah nishpechet
yesh li od k'muyot shel textim velachanim
mik'tzavim metorafim
she'lo sham'ata bachaim.
Ani yachol lehotzi kol chodesh album
ha'ulpan sheli amus chabub
ve'ein li makom cha..

Banot rokdot...



Girls are dancing hands on the butt
guys in front really next to the bum
all are dancing the shortie biggie dance
if you haven't got with whom - search -
if you haven't got with whom - obtain!

Everyone's dancing now I'm just writing the beat
just blasting in your head just joy no sadness.
The bartender jumps, the DJ sparkles,
the guards can't handle the entrance
cuz our music makes you jump.

Babe, why aren't you dancing
...are you here alone?
then come with me, we'll give some jiggy-jiggy,
bam bam bam
dance of the shortie biggie
there's a name, a style
dancing in craziness,
rhythms that nobody has yes tried
for all the rest we'll bring destruction orders.

Girls are dancing...

Girls listen to me,
Biggie's here on stage
and onto all the s.o.b.'s.
we'll yet declare war
So give me respect there's effect here
cuz I am the only one deciding here
I flow into your blood, setting the beat.

Babe, why aren't you dancing
...are you here alone?
the fattest beatbox
not squinting to the sides, no I dont give up
the speaker yells the bassdrum knocks
cuz there's a new hiphop from the east
and this style of ours
nobody will take.

Girls are dancing...

Don't grab me, this is why they call me shortie
evasive like nitrogen
you won't have oxygen left
maybe i'm small but i have a big one
you'll come out like a rabbit, fall to the boards.
Years of hard and crushing work
producing fruit and the music is spilled
I still have more amounts of texts and tunes
crazy rhythms
that you've never heard in your life.
I can put out an album every month
my studio is full, buddy
and I have no room ha...

Girls are dancing...

Hebrew words

Biggie & Shortie
Biggie & Shortie
The Israelis Track 5
Carina Saslavsky

Words transliterated and translated by George Jakubovits of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
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