Al tid’agi hakol od ya’avor
Hasiri et ha’even harovetzet al libech
Chaki shniya, efshar gam la’atzor
Lachshov me’at acheret
Lehatchil gam lechayech

Al techapsi yoter midai rachok
Ha’osher kvar mamash karov mitachat lapanim
Hakol zmani, habechi vehatzchok
Hachoref haso’er cholef veha’aviv nichans

Yihyeh od tov rak takshivi lamachar
Hu yavi lach bichnafav
Yamim kchulim lelo shedim
Od tegali kama hazman shelach chacham
Kshetilmedi rikud chadash rikud beketzev sfaradi

Gam im hachoshech ba hu od ya’ir
Hu yelamed otach lir’ot derech halev et hapratim
Tir’i pit’om olam yoter bahir
Tikchi hakol kmo matana gdolah
Uchmo shi’or prati

Al tid’agi hakol od ya’avor
Hanifi et habad ha’adamdam bega’avah
Chaki shniya kmo Toreador
Chabki et hachayim beta’ava veha’avah


Don’t worry, it will all pass
Remove the stone that lies on your heart
Wait a second, you can stop
Think differently
And start smiling

Don’t look so far
Happiness is close in front of you
All is temporary, the cry, and the laughter
The stormy winter has gone and now it is spring

Everything will be ok, just listen to tomorrow
It will bring in its wings, blue days with no demons
You will discover how wise your time is
When you will learn a new dance with Spanish rhythm

Even if darkness comes, it will be lit
To teach you how to see details through your heart
You will suddenly see a brighter world
And take it all as a big gift
And as a private lesson

Don’t worry, it will all pass
Lift the reddish garment with pride
Wait a second like a Toreador
Embrace life with passion and love

øé÷åã çãù

Hebrew words

Yo’av Ginai
Tomer Hadadi
Gadi Bitton

Words transliterated and translated by Chana Shuvaly of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
Translated for Gadi Bitton, HORA Israeli Dancing School, Melbourne, Australia, Camp 2016
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