Etz haEkaliptus rosho baraki’a
Hashoresh bame’a she’avra
Brosh el haDekel lochesh umargi’a
Nu, kach ha’olam nivra

Ru’ach tamid bo yotzet venichneset
Et lahat chom hakayitz ru’ach stav tinshov
Shemesh chorpit leragleha poreset
Marvad savyonim tzahov

Rei’ach hadarim
Zhav hatapuzim ka’esh
Loven hapricha

Kshyam hapardesim shuv ba’avir pore’ach
Shemesh ktuma bishmey erev tzolelet
Halayil madlik kochav
Kol yilelat hatanim layla layla
Kivchi metarey hakinorot
Tof lev hachoshech po’em kol layla
Beketzev habe’erot
Or kochavim megashesh venoge’a
Velachash shel tzlalim bederech ha’afar
Kol Muazin mistalsel vegone’ach
Mitzri’ach misgad el hakfar
Or hakochavim
Yelel hatanim kemo
Ru’ach hamitholel noded al pney halyla
Boker chadash mehalyla boke’a
Rachutz be’egley hatal


The Eucalyptus tree, its head in the sky
Its root in the last century
Cypress to the Palm tree whispers and calms down
So, this is how the world was created.

Wind always goes in and out of it
Autumn wind will cool the heat of Summer
Winter sun spreads to its feet
A yellow carpet of Groundsel

The scent of Citrus
Golden oranges like fire
The white blossom

When the sea of orchards blooms again in Spring
An orange sun dives in the evening sky
The night turns on a star
The howling of Jackals night after night
Like the cry of the violin’s strings
The drum of the heart of darkness beats each night
To the rhythm of the wells
The stars light feels and touches
The whisper of shadows on the dirt road
The voice of the Muezzin curls and moans
From the Mosque tower to the village
The star lights
The beat of the wells
The howling of Jackals like
The rowdy wind, wanders through the night
A new morning breaks out of night
Washed in dew droplets

Hebrew words

Micha Avni
Sasha Argov
Shlomo Artzi
Rafi Ziv 2010

Words transliterated and translated by Chana Shuvaly of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
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