Shaon ne-e-zar li,
Ze remez
Re-ee she-nishbar li,
Ze remez

Notsa ktana
Al eden ha-chalon,
Parpar nitpas li ba-vilon,
Geshem be-yom chamsin,
Ge-ut va-shefel

Hakol mashal,
hakol sodot bli pesher
Ma hanimshal
u-ma hakesher?
lama ani adayin
lo tofeset?

Meytar she-paka li,
Ze remez
Ner she-kava li,
Ze remez

Michtav rashum
Chozer el ha-sholeach,
Atsits yavesh
Pitom poreach,
Orev shetsore-ach
Ma hu mevaser li?

Kochav nofel
Ve-keshet ba-shamayim,
Shchafim afim,
Al pney ha-mayim
Ma hem omrim li?
Ma hem mesaprim li?

Aval remez echad
Kvar hevanti levad
Kvar hevanti heytev.

Lechayaim smukot kemo esh
Pe-imot chazakot shel halev
Chom ve-kor u-tsmarmoret
Leilot bli sheyna

Ma ze omer
Ani kvar mevina

Chalomot behakits
Dmaot bli siba
Ma ze omer?
Ze omer ahavah


A clock that stopped ticking
is a hint
A mirror that cracked
is a hint

A little feather
on the window sill
A butterfly entangled in my curtains
Rain on a hot summer day
Ebb and tide

It is all an allegory
All secrets
with no meaning
What is the allegory
and what is the connection?
Why do I still
not understand?

A torn string
is a hint
A blown out candle
is a hint

A registered letter
sent back to its sender
A dry flowerpot
suddenly blooms
a crowing crow -
what tidings does it bring?

A falling star
And a rainbow in the sky,
Seagulls fly
across the water
What are they saying to me?
What are they telling me?

But there is one hint
I figured out on my own
and I understand it very well

Burning hot cheeks
strong heartbeats
feeling hot, and cold, and shivering,
sleepless nights

what does it mean?
I understand now.

Day dreaming,
crying for no reason
What does it mean?
It means Love.

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Chava Alberstein
Chava Alberstein
Meir Shem Tov

Words transliterated by Eti Tamir of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
Words translated by George Jakubovits of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
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