Rotzah lesaper aleinu
et sipuri
Ha'olam lo makshiv
lesipur bechinah
Eich ahavti otach
eich ahavta oti
Besadot yerukim
gam beyom me'unan.

Shamanu beyachad et
kol hashirim
Tofafta al tof
kmo meshuga
Lifamim ibadnu
et hakesher
Im kol mi shehayah
lanu be'etzem
Zeh shir ga'agu'im
kedai sheteda.

Eich ahavnu sanenu
uvetoch zeh chalamnu
Eich amarta li bo'i
nirkod kmo Pariz
Eich ka'avnu kinenu
eich kim'at hitchatanu
Eich mikol habchinot
hayinu shnei me'usharim
Eich haradyo nigen lo
shirim shekvar ein lo
Eich chipasnu drachim
likvosh et ha'ir
Eich haneharot el
hayam zarmu begabeinu
Ve'achshav ma achshav
rak shir ga'agu'im.

Kol ma she'az he'emanu
Kol ma she'az lo yadanu
Kol ma shelo ra'inu ba
Kol ma she'az chalamnu
Kol ma she'az amarnu
Kol ma shelo hevanu
sham avad.

Benadam hu haperach
hachi yafeh ba'olam
Ma karah lecha me'az
mi yode'a lomar
Amarta shim ne'eved
et hakesher
im kol mi sheyesh
lanu be'etzem
Lo yisha'er lanu besof
shum davar.

Eich ahavnu...

Kol ma she'az...

Kol ma shelo
Kol ma she'az
Kol ma she'az
hitgabarnu ba
Kol ma she'az
Kol ma she'az
Kol ma shelo hevanu
sham avad.

Rotzah lesaper aleinu
et sipuri
Yesh leilot kochavim
zeh adayin bechinam
Ahavti otach
ahavta oti
Zeh rak shir ga'agu'im,
nekuda, ba'olam.


I want to tell my
story about us
The world doesn't listen
to a story for free
How I loved you, how
you loved me
In the green fields
even on a cloudy day.

Together we heard
all the songs
You were drumming on a
drum like crazy
Sometimes we lost touch
with everyone
we actually had
This is a song of
yearning you should know.

How we loved, we hated
and within that we dreamed
How did you say to me to
dance like Paris?
How we hurt, we envied
how we almost got married
How in all respects we
were both happy
How the radio played
songs it no longer has
How we sought ways
to conquer the city
How the rivers flowed to
the sea in back of us
And now, what now is just
a song of yearning.

Everything we believed then
Everything we didn't know then
Everything we didn't see came
Everything we dreamed of then
Everything we said then
Everything we didn't
understand there was lost.

The human is the most
beautiful flower in
the world
What's happened to you
since, who can say
You said that if contact
was lost with everyone
we actually had
We'll have nothing left
in the end.

How we loved we hated ...

Everything we believed ...

Everything we didn't intend
Everything we connected then
Everything that we then
got over, came
Everything that we then
came close to
Everything that we then
went away from
Everything we didn't
understand there was lost

I want to tell my
story about us
There are starry nights,
this is still free
I loved you, you loved me
This is just a song of
yearning, period.
In the world.

רק שיר געגועים

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Shlomo Artzi
Shlomo Artzi
Gali Atari

Words transliterated and translated by Howard Wachtel of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA.
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