Na'arah mibayit tov pogeshet bevachur bli bayit
rachavat harikudim mu'eret lemachol mesukan
bein ha'orot hamehat'lim nif'gashot ha'einaim
utz'lilei hagitara olim be'ashan

Hamashkeh bakosot meratet, et shelah ad hasof hi
lo shoma'at tz'lilei sakanah o simanei az'harah
hi mecholelet elav hi osah et hatza'ad
shemimenu ein derech kalah chazarah

Hem rakdu et atzmam le'atzmam
k'mo hayu levadam ba'olam
haklafim hatovim beyadam
kol halailah
al rachavat harikudim
rachavat harikudim

Hu echad bachur avaryan
shenich'nas veyotze min hakele
im kupat sheratzim metzal'tzelet t'luyah al hagav
lamach lach lesavech et atz'mech bachaim sheka'eleh
at choshevet vadai she'itach hu yach'zor lemutav

Hem rakdu...

Ha'osher hu
ha'osher hu
ha'osher hu hapesha hamush'lam
ken, hi lo ve'hu lah
shtei einaim lehavah
hi lo ve'hu lah
kol halailah
al rachavat harikudim
rachavat harikudim

Pa'amon ez'akah metzal'tzel lo ve'hu lo bore'ach
ein miklat mipaneiha afilu me'ever layam
kevarak shel sakin meshunan kach yofi'ah mefale'ach
et libo hayode'a shekan hu shafut ad olam

Al rachavat harikudim
rachavat harikudim

Ha'osher hu...


A girl from a good home
meets a guy without a home
The dance floor is lit up
for a dangerous dance
Between the hanging lights,
the eyes meet, and the
guitar sounds go up in smoke.

The drink in the glasses
is trembling, hers, she
swallows to the end,
hearing no danger sounds
nor warning signs, she dances
to him and she makes the
move, from which there is
no easy way back.

They danced themselves, as if
they were alone in the world.
The good cards were in their
hands all night, on the
dance floor, the dance floor.

He's one criminal who goes
in and out of jail, with a
ringing can of worms hanging
on his back. Why would you
entangle yourself in such a
life? Surely you think that
with you he will get better.

Happiness is
Happiness is
Happiness is the perfect crime
Yes, she's his and he's hers
Two flaming eyes
She to him and he to her
On the dance floor, the
dance floor.

An alarm bell rings to him
and he doesn't run away
There is no shelter from
her, not even overseas.
As the lighting of a serrated
knife, her beauty pierces his
heart, knowing that here he
is judged forever.
On the dance floor, the
dance floor.

They danced ...

Happiness is ...

רחבת הריקודים

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Yankeleh Rottbleit
Yehudit Ravitz
Yehudit Ravitz
Ya'el Shachar

Words transliterated by George Jakubovits of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
Words translated by Howard Wachtel of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA.
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