Hashemesh tidom bein Azah leRafi'ach,
yare'ach yal'bin al pisgat haChermon,
prachim bakaneh uvanot batzari'ach,
yashuvu la'ir chayalim behamon.

Kamah tov shebata habaitah
asita ambatiah,
hishkavta et hayeled lishon,
hu chikah lecha, sha'al eifoh aba
lo yad'a shehalachta
lehavi et hashalom
shemesh begiv'on dom
veyare'ach be'emek Ayalon
cholem al hamakom hazeh
bayom shenafsik bo lil'chom
venatchil bo linshom
maher kama'ayan
hamitgaber vemishtachrer
gorer yachas gorer yachas gorer
simcha vechiyuch ahavah vetmimut
shichrur shnei amim
me'avdut lecherut
banot al hatzari'ach bim'kom chayalim
prachim bakanim bim'kom pagazim
chalamti al hayom hitorarti bid'ma'ot
takshivu ve'eten lachem lir'ot.


Dai livkot achot k'tanah,
nagvi et ha'einaim
ani tomech letzidech,
machzik lach t'ayadaim
kulam basof metim,
chashuv li sheted'i
shelamrot shehu nafal chalal nish'ar belibi
shuv achim noflim k'mo alim bashalechet
vehachi kal zeh lakum la'azov lalechet
harei omrim shaneh makom shaneh mazal
ach ein lehistater miyad hagoral
az nish'arnu lanu kan vebaninu lanu bait
he'emanu bayonah bashalom aleh shel zait
ve'amadnu bahimnon veshiratnu batzava
vekavarnu chayalim vebachinu bashiv'ah
nafalnu lebirkaim veshuv al haraglaim
kshe'azlu hakadurim nilchamnu bayadaim
dai nishbar lanu hazayin lechakot leshalom
ani afsik al zeh lach'lom ad shelibi yidom.

Acharei chamishim veshesh shanah
shel haganah al habait
kim'at ve'avdah hatikvah leyonah
uvefi aleh shel zeit
aval anachnu kan lehazkir lekulam
she'asur levater al hayom
tzarich leshalev yad beyad
vebeyachad nahafoch lemetziut et hachalom.

Prachim bakaneh uvanot batzari'ach,
yashuvu la'ir chayalim behamon.



The sun will shine red between Gaza and Rafah
the moon will whiten over the peak of Hermon
flowers in the barrel and girls on the watchtower
loads of soldiers will return to town.

How good it is that you came home
took a bath,
put the kid to sleep,
he waited for you, asked where dad is
he did not know you went
to bring the peace
the sun in Giv'on Dom
and the moon in the Ayalon valley
dreaming of this place
the day we'll stop fighting there
and we'll start breathing there
fast like a water spring
the surviving and liberated
pull a relation pull a relation pull
joy and smile love and innocence
liberation of two nations
from slavery to freedom
girls on the watchtower instead of soldiers
flowers in the barrels instead of shells
I dreamt of the day, woke up in tears
listen and I'll let you see.

The sun...

Enough crying little sister,
wipe your eyes dry
I stand by your side,
I hold your hands
everyone dies at the end,
it's important to me for you to know
that even though he fell a space stays in my heart
again brothers fall like leafs in autumn
and it's easiest to get up and leave
but they say different place different luck
but there's no hiding from your fate
so we stayed here and built a house
we believed in doves, peace, olive branches
and stood at the anthem, served in the IDF
and buried soldiers, sat & cried in shiv'ah
fell to our knees and again up on our feet
when out of bullets we used our hands
enough, our weapon broke waiting for peace
I'll stop dreaming this when my heart stops to be quiet.

After 56 years
of defence over the house
almost the dove lost hope
and the olive branch is in my mouth
but we're here to remind everyone
that it's forbidden to give up on the day
we need to interweave our folded hands
and together we'll turn dream into reality.

Flowers in the barrel and girls on the watchtower
loads of soldiers will return to town.

The sun...

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