Po kavur hakelev,
po kavur hakelev,
zehu etzem ha'inyan,
lo, zeh ha'etzem shel hakelev,
'val hakelev met mizman,
tov zeh etzem ha'inyan.

Im atah mechapes milah
uk'tzat kasheh lecha lehat'chil,
sh'ma li ush'kach mehasichah
ki bein ko ein lecha mah lehagid.

Im ata mevashel spaghetti,
vehamayim lo rot'chim,
mah de'atcha lehad'lik et ha'esh ki
zeh mah shekulam osim.

Po kavur hakelev...

Im ishto lif'amim toferet,
al tomar she'hu tafran.
Ve'im beito lif'amim overet,
al tikra lo avaryan.

Im ata metapes lemalah,
vekofetz mimak'fetzah,
tov ytoer levarer k'tzat kodem
im yesh mayim bab'reichah.

Po kavur hakelev...

Im ra'ita achat yoshevet
atzuvah ve'umlelah,
shev leyadah, yihyeh beseder,
ki zot betach ishtecha.

Im darachta betoch davar
shekelev lif'amim mash'ir,
nakeh heitev et hana'alaim,
ush'mor me'itanu merachok savir.

Po kavur hakelev...


Here the dog is buried,
here the dog is buried,
this is the essence of the issue,
no, this is the essence of the dog,
but the dog died some time ago,
ok this is the essence of the issue.

If you're searching for a word
and it's a litle tough for you to start,
listen to me and forget about the talk
'cause as such there's nothing for you to say.

If you are cooking spaghetti,
and the water is not boiling,
what's your thinking to light up the flame
'cause that's what everyone does.

Here the dog is buried...

If his wife is sometimes sawing,
don't say he's a stitcher
And if she passes his house sometimes,
dont' call him a transgressor.

If you are grabbing up,
and jump from a springboard,
it's better to clarify a bit beforehand
whether there's water in the pool.

Here the dog is buried...

If you saw a woman sitting
sad and miserable
sit next to her, it will be fine,
'cuz it's surely your own wife.

If you stepped in "the thing"
that a dog sometimes leaves,
clean your shoes well,
and keep reasonably far away from us.

Here the dog is buried...

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Danny Sanderson
Danny Sanderson

Words transliterated and translated by George Jakubovits of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
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