Zeh lo barur, zeh lo muvan
ani p'nuyah la'ahavah
zeh kvar hayah tzarich likrot mizman
hig'shamti kol chalom katan
mil'vad chalom ha'ahavah
ani od mechakah lehav'chin basiman

Od ani cholemet eden
k'mo adam uch'mo chavah
letzido bagan tzo'edet beshalvah
od ani cholemet bayit
yeladim umishpachah
betzilo shel etz hazayit, ahavah...

Ve'im atah sho'el oti
ani p'nuyah la'ahavah
aval rak ladavar ha'amiti
bechol libi bechol nafshi ma'aminah ba'ahavah
umekavah she'od hi tihyeh kan iti

Od ani cholemet eden...


It's not clear, it's not understood
I am open to love
it was supposed to happen long ago already
I made each small dream come true
except for the dream of love
I am still waiting to establish the sign

I'm still dreaming (of) Eden
like Adam and like Eve
walking by his side in the garden in tranquility
I'm still dreaming a house,
children and a family
in the shade of an olive tree, love...

And if you ask me
I am open to love
but only to the real thing
in all of my heart and soul I believe in love
and I hope that I shall yet have it here with me

I'm still dreaming Eden...

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Ehud Manor
Sarit Hadad
Sarit Hadad

Words transliterated and translated by George Jakubovits of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
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