Hayom ulai nidcheh et bo halailah
velo nish'af le'or kochav
hen li velach yesh kol asher nish'alah
mibli milim ned'a zot, ki nohav.

Hayom ulai nidcheh et ketz darkeinu
velo nizkor ki sof lakol.
Zeh hamish'ol she'bo dorchot ragleinu,
bish'nei k'tzotav hadeshe lo yibol.

Shotkim nohav ki li velach
dai bli milim she'hen le'eleh,
asher einam yod'im lomar acheret
kamah yafeh pore'ach halilach.

Hayom ulai nidcheh ha'atzevet
im yad beyad ba'or, nelech,
ki ru'ach k'for bachashecha noshevet
rak bamakom bo lo sham'u et shmech.

Shotkim nohav...

Hayom ulai nidcheh bo hashalechet
ve'lo yuchal lavo hastav.
Drachim rabot hen le'aviv memalechet -
im rak otan or chiyuchech yohav.

Shotkim nohav...


Today we'll maybe keep the night from coming
and we won't stretch out to the starlight
why, we do have everything that's asked for
without word we'll know this, for we'll love.

Today we'll maybe keep away our road's end
and we won't remember that everything ends.
It's the path on which our feet tread,
the grass won't dry on the two ends of it.

We'll love quietly because for you and I
it is enough without words that are those
that aren't able to say any other way
how nicely the lilac blooms.

Today we'll maybe keep away the gief
if we walk hand in hand, in the light,
for the wind blows frost in the darkness
only in the place that your name isn't heard.

We'll love quietly...

Today we'll maybe keep the leaf from falling
and autumn won't be able to arrive.
Many ways rule the spring season -
if only the light of your smile would love'em.

We'll love quietly...

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This song was also performed by Shilishiat Sarid.

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Words transliterated and translated by George Jakubovits of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
Italian singable translation by Daniel Shalev of Rishon Le Zion, Israel.
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Italian singable


Fermiamo il d?, non venga mai la sera,
le stelle non cerchiamo, dai,
abbiamo gi? quello che ognuno spera:
senza che io dica "T’amo", tu lo sai.

Fermiamo il tempo in mezzo al nostro andare,
scordiamoci che finir?.
Su questa strada, fatta per amare,
un giglio bianco sempre fiorir?.

Amiamo zitti, ch? per noi
non c'? bisogno di parole
che son per quelli che non sanno dire
in altro modo: "? bello il giglio in fior!".

Fermiamo per un poco la tristezza,
andiam per mano io e te,
ch? sento il buio e il freddo della brezza
soltanto quando non sei qui con me.

Amiamo zitti, ch? per noi...

Fermiamo un po' l’Autunno nella sera,
le foglie morte per la via.
Con te vicino ? sempre Primavera,
sei come un giglio tu, ragazza mia.

Amiamo zitti, ch? per noi...

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