Pas L'Yom Echad 


Keren or, re'ach shel boker
kol rega oleh li beyoker,
ozev mukdam et hamitah
mitlabesh vetas el hadelet,
el hatachanah hamukeret
ani chozer el ... habayit
she'ani kol kach ohev.

Ken, at kvar lo levad, yesh li
pas leyom echad
boi negaleh et hasodot beneinu
ani rotzeh, halailah hazeh,
shenohav ad hakatzeh
machar, machar ani chozer.

Mitkarev baderech elaich,
verega nosaf bil'adaich
mazkir li kamah at yafah
veshuv oto re'ach shel boker,
kvar lo oleh li beyoker
achshav ani po, itach lehisha'er
ein matzav acher.

At kvar lo levad...

Achshav hazman shelanu,
ve'ein od ma'atzor,
et hat'shukot shebanu,
tzava lo ya'aztor
ad she'ech'zor...

At kvar lo levad...


A Pass from the Army 

Ray of light, smell of morning
my each moment rises at a high price
I get out of bed early
get dress and fly to the door,
to the familiar station
I return to..the house
that I love so much.

Yes, you are no longer alone, I have
a pass for a day
let's discover the secrets between us
I want, this night,
that we'd love until the end
tomorrow, tomorrow I will return.

I am approaching you, on the way,
and an extra moment without you
reminds me how pretty you are
and again the same smell of morning
that no longer goes at a high price
now I am here to stay with you
there's no other way.

You are no longer alone...

Now time is ours,
and there's no more stop light,
and the desires within us,
even an army won't stop
until I come back...

You are no longer alone...

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Yossi Azulay
Yossi Azulay
Yossi Azulay
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Eli Segal

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