אױפֿן פּריפּעטשיק 

Oyfn pripetchik brent a fayerl
un in shtub is heys.
Un der rebbe lernt kleyne kinderlekh
dem alef-beyz.

Gedenkt'zhe, kinderlekh,
gedenkt'zhe, tayere,
vos ir lernt do.
Zogt'zhe nokhamol un take nokhamol,
komets alef-o.

Lernt, kinderlekh, hot nit moyre
yeder onheyb iz shver.
Gliklekh iz der yid vos lernt toyre,
vos darfn mir nokh mer?

Az ir vet, kinderlekh, elter vern,
vet ir aleyn farshteyn,
vifil in di oysyes lign trern
un vifil geveyn.

Az ir vet, kinderlekh, dem goles shlepn,
oygemutshet zayn,
zolt ir fun di oysyes koyech shepn -
kukt in zey arayn!

Lernt, kinderlekh, mit groys kheyshik,
azoy zog ikh aykh on.
Ver s'vet beser vun aykh kenen ivri,
der bakumt a fon.



A fire burns on the hearth
and it is warm in the little house.
And the rabbi is teaching little children
the alphabet.

Remember, children,
remember, dear ones,
what you learn here.
Repeat and repeat yet again,
komets alef-o.

Learn, children, don't be afraid
every beginning is hard.
Lucky is the Jew who studies Torah.
what more do we need?

When, children, you will grow older
you will understand,
how many tears lie in these letters
and how much crying.

When, children, carry on the exile,
in torture,
you will gain strength from these letters
look inside them!

Learn, children, with enthusiasm,
as I instruct you.
The one who learns Hebrew better
will receive a flag.

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M.m. Warshawsky
M.m. Warshawsky
Dudu Fisher
Lisa Wanamaker
Shirim - Songs We Treasure Track 6
Mama Loshn Track 17

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With additions from George Jakubovits of Toronto, Canada
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