Et kol had'latot at sagart heitev
hish'art oti shavui be'achzavah
hashalechet meshadechet li et hake'ev
hayit sheli achshav at rechokah.

Et haregashot at tamid histart
yad chamah ochezet be'acher
hashalechet mechasah hakol bevat achat
lo notar li ela levater.

Otach esa, otach esa
otach esa bishtei yadaim
Elohim shole'ach lanu mayim
lema'agan ha'ahavah.
Otach esa, otach esa
otach esa bishtei yadaim
Elohim pores me'al k'nafaim
shomer heitev al hatikvah.

Lamrot otah preidah rak lach achakeh
ulai od nish'arah bach ahavah
ha'etzim achshav porchim veha'olam yafeh
lechol habe'ayot nimtza t'shuvah.

Nisiti lehavin lamah at holechet/halacht
amru li she'ahavt echad acher
hu lo yiten lach ahavah k'mo she'etzli kibalt
lema'anech ani lo avater.

Otach esa...


You closed all the doors well
you left me captured in disappointment
the fall of leaves brings me the pain
you were mine, now you are far away.

You always hid the feelings
(your) warm hand holds another (guy)
the fall of leaves covers everything in one instant
nothing's left for me but to give up.

I will carry you, I will carry you
I will carry you up in my two hands
God sends us water
to defend the love.
I will carry you, I will carry you
I will carry you up in my two hands
God spreads his wings above
he keeps guard over the hope well.

Despite that separation I will wait only for you
maybe there's still love remaining in you
the trees are in bloom now and the world is beautiful
a solution is found to all the problems.

I tried to understand why you left
they told me that you loved another (guy)
he won't give you love like you got from me
for you, I will not give up.

I will carry you...

Hebrew words

Ze'ev Nechamah
Ze'ev Nechamah And Tamir Kaliski
Eyal Golan
Chayal Shel Ahavah/Soldier of Love Track 5
Avi Perez

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