Etzleinu bechatzer
betzel atzei hazayit
ba'im bederech k'lal
hamon orchim lakayitz

Lechol echad mehem
safah mishelo
vederech mishelo
lehagid shalom.

Ben me'italiah omer Buon Giorno
bat mitzarfat omeret Bon Jour
Kan meyapan omer Ohayo
k'shehu ba lebikur
Hai meHawaii omer Aloha
Tanya mibritaniah omeret Hello
kol mi sheba eleinu habaitah
yesh lo shalom mishelo.

Tzav'anu et hagader
katzarnu et hadeshe
yaldei kol ha'olam
yuchlu achshav lageshet

Lifto'ach lir'vachah
et hasha'ar hayarok
ulehavi b'rachah
merachok rachok.

Junia miKenya tomar li Jambo
Ian meYavan Kalimera yomar
Chin miSin yomar Nee hau ma
veyisha'er ad machar
Gil miBrazil yomar Bom Dia
Coco miMaroco yomar Ahalan
vehab'rachah she'hu yavi li
hi hayafah mikulan.

Etzleinu bechatzer
betzel ilan pore'ach
yaldei kol ha'olam
ba'im lehitare'ach
etzleinu bechatzer
yaldei (kol) ha'olam kulo
rokdim bema'agal
ve'omrim shalom.



In our courtyard
in the shade of olive trees
many guests come for the summer

And each one of them
has their own language
and their own way
to say hello.

A boy from Italy says "Buon Giorno"
a girl from France says "Bon Jour"
Ken from Japan says "Ohiyo"
when he comes to visit
Hai from Hawaii says "Aloha"
Tanya from Britain says "Hello"
everyone that comes to our home
has a "hello" of their own.

We painted the fence
cut the grass
children of the whole world
will now be able to come

To open to freely
the green gate
and to bring blessings
from afar.

Junia from Kenya will tell me "Jambo"
Ian from Greece will say "Kalimera"
Chin from China will say "Nee hau ma"
and will say until tomorrow
Gil from Brazil will say "Bom Dia"
Coco from Morocco will say "Ahalan"
and the blessing that he'll bring me
is the most beautiful of all.

In our courtyard
in the shade of a blooming oak
children of the whole world
come to be guests
in our courtyard
children of the whole wide world
dance in a circle
and say hello.

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Naomi Shemer
Naomi Shemer
Naomi Shemer
Hagashash Hachiver

Words transliterated and translated by George Jakubovits of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
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