Or oleh baboker
Al agam rachok (zocheret)
Ken, ani zocheret
Velo echdal velo eshtok
Or shemevaser et
Hahashkama, vehazricha (zocheret)
Rak lir'ot od pa'am,
Yoter mizeh eini tzricha.

Shemesh, havi'u shemesh
Im shamai me'unanim
Otzemet et einai
Aval hashemesh hi bifnim.

Or ba-tzawhawrayim al ha'adama (Zocheret)
Al chelkat hamayim
Ve'al shatil ve'al kama .
Or yored ba'erev
Al sedot chayai (zocheret)
Od ani zocheret
Zeh or yomi
Zeh or yamai


Or yored ba'erev (shemesh)
Or ba-tzawhawrayim (shemesh)
Or oleh baboker


Light rises in the morning
On a distant lake (I remember)
Yes, I remember
And I won't stop and won't keep silent
Light that heralds the
Early rising, and the sunrise (I remember)
Just to see it again
More than this, I don't need.

Sun, bring the sun
If my skies are full of clouds
I close my eyes
But the sunlight is within

Light at noontime over the ground (I remember)
Over the calm waters
And over sapling and standing grain.
Light descends in the evening
Over the fields of my life (I remember)
I still remember
This is the light of my day
This is the light of my days


Light descends in the evening (sun)
Light at noontime (sun)
Light rises in the morning

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Naomi Shemer wrote this for Shoshana Damari for her appearance at the Karmiel Dance Festival.

Also sung by:
Ora Zitner
Susan Drag
Naomi Shemer
Miri Aloni
Hanna Aharoni
Cabra Kasi
Miriam Chanit
Shalva Berti & The Tact Family (Rap Version)
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Naomi Shemer
Naomi Shemer
Shoshana Damari
Sarit Hadad
Yehoram Gaon
Ofra Haza
Amos Barzel
Naomi Shemer - Book Four
Light (Or) Track 7
Mikalaniyot Ad Or (Greatest Songs), Disk 3, last song Track 23
Shlomo Maman 1988

Words transliterated and translated by Malka Tischler of Brooklyn, NY, USA.
French translation by Thombo Burgess of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
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La lumi?re

La lumi?re monte le matin Sur un lac ?loign? (je me rappelle) Oui, je me rappelle Et je ne m'arr?terai pas et ne maintiendrai pas silencieux Allumer qui annonce Se lever t?t, et le lever de soleil (je me rappelle) juste pour le revoir Plus que ceci, je n'ai pas besoin. Choeur : Le soleil, apportent le soleil Si mes cieux sont pleins des nuages Je ferme mes yeux Mais la lumi?re du soleil est en dedans Allumer au noontime au-dessus de la terre (je me rappelle) au-dessus des eaux calmes Et jeune arbre d'exc?dent et grain debout. La lumi?re descend en soir?e Au-dessus des champs de ma vie (je me rappelle) Je me rappelle toujours C'est la lumi?re de mon jour C'est la lumi?re de mes jours Choeur Extr?mit? : La lumi?re descend en soir?e (le soleil) Lumi?re au noontime (le soleil) La lumi?re monte le matin Lumi?re !

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