Shama’ati shehayam hichriz al yom same’ach
Ra’iti et hakochavim vehayare’ach merakdim
Gam hem yod’im bechazara lehitgalgel
Shama’ati shehashemesh hi be’etzem tzel
Ra’iti migdal mizda’aze’a venofel

Tavo, anachnu mechakim lecha yoter midai shanim
Anachnu hishtaga’anu ein lanu yoter panim
Rak holchim umitkalim kol hazman, az tavo
Ken tavo, lo nish’aru kelim kedey shenuchal lishbor otam
Anachnu lo yod’im mi po tzalul
Mi hashikor shetamid nofel labor, min hastam

Az tavo, ken tavo

Shama’ati she’ata mamash omed basha’ar
Veshekol se tamim yuchal lagur baya’ar veshama’ati
Shegam halev haze yoter lo yamut
Dimyon yachtom heskem shalom im metzi’ut
Kol hatzlilim yihiyu leshir echad pashut

Tavo, anachnu mechakim lecha


I heard that the sea has declared it a Happy Day
I saw the stars and the moon dancing
They also know how to roll back
I heard that the sun is in fact a shadow
I saw a tower shaking and then crumbling down

Come, we have been waiting for you for too many years
We all have became crazed we no longer have faces
Just continually disintegrating, so come
Yes come, there are no more tools left to break
We do not know who is the clear minded
Who is the drunken one who always falls down the hole, as it were

So come, yes come

I heard you are actually standing at the gate
And that any innocent lamb could live in the woods and I heard
That this heart will no longer die
Imagination will sign a peace agreement with reality
All the sounds will become one simple song

Come, we have been waiting for you

Hebrew words

Amir Benayun
Amir Benayun
Amir Benayun
Omed Bashaar Track 7
Gadi Bitton & Ohad Atia

Words transliterated and translated by Nurit Karol of London, UK.
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