Od sipur echad shel ahavah
lifnei shesogrim et ha'orot.
Od sipur echad shel ahavah
sheyotzet mivein hashurot
od lechishah achat k'tanah
lifnei sheholchim el habatim.
Zichronot min hap'gishah harishonah
k'shehitztalvu hamabatim.

Pa'am at bochah, ufa'am at tzocheket
mezilah dim'ah, ki zeh hazman lalechet
lechol ha'ahavot yesh sof vehatchalah
nifradim rak bemabat, bli lomar milah.

Od sipur echad shel ahavah
she'lo yad'anu im hi tigamer.
Osfim balev et kol mah shehayah
pa'am ra ufa'am tov ytoer
od neshikah achat k'tanah
lifnei shemechabim et ha'esh
min hargashah kazot, meshunah,
shezeh hasof, aval od nipagesh.

Pa'am at bochah...


Another story of love
before we put out the lights.
Another story of love
that goes out of the lines.
Another little whisper,
before we go home.
rimembrances from the first meeting,
when our eyes met.

One time you cry, one time you laugh,
you shed a tear, ‘cause it’s time to go.
for every love there is an end and a beginning,
we separate just by look, without sayng a word.

Another story of love,
we didn’t know if it will end.
We gather in our heart all of what it was,
one time bad, one time better.
Another little kiss,
before we put out the fire,
such a strange feeling,
as if this is the end, but we shall meet again…

One time you cry…

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Uzi Hitman
Uzi Hitman
Uzi Hitman
Shimi Tavori
Zehava Ben & Ya'el Bar Zohar
K'mo Tzo'ani
Ninet Tayeb And Ran Danker
Uzi Sings Chitman Track 15
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