Ve'az ani nichnas lacheder, vesho'el "ha'im
kulam po k'lomar beseder, kulam od chaim?"
ve'at sharah im gitara, ga'agu'im leyam
ki habikush le'ahavah lo mis'tayem af pa'am

Ani lo asaper hakol, rak eich chashakti bach
uch'shehamilchamah partzah, chayinu bamitbach
uch'shehamilchamah chalfah, k'mo kol davar cholef
hikamti lehakah, gitara bas umetofef

Vehalehakah nignah beko'ach ko'ach, et atzmah
vehashadar tzarach hapunk hapunk chazar la'ir
vekol November k'shenihyah lanu atzuv vekar
nitzmadnu zeh lazeh veshuv nitzmadnu lachaim

Ve'az ani nichnas lacheder veroshech prachim
hatelevizia kvar ovedet al ha'anashim
az bo'i na'aseh shtuyot, unedaber emet
ani omer lach nit'pashet, k'dei lehitzamed

Ani lo asaper hakol, al eich asinu min
nitzmadnu le'Elohim gadol, betoch itz'tadionim,
Michelle Michelle karati lach, ve'at mizeh tzachakt
uvakikar nitzmad't elai,
bemot avinu Yitz'chak


Vekach nitzmadnu sham la'adamah, lakibushim
"ani rotzah lishon itcha", tzaracht li bak'vishim
velif'amim hayit locheshet li, bein anashim
bo nit'chaten, ta'aseh li yeled, vetich'tov li shir

Ani lo asaper hakol, al ha'etmol hahu
al kol halehakot, al chaverim shene'elmu
uv'or ha'erev hastavi k'shenihyah kvar kar
anachnu nitzmadim lamuzika... (muzika, muzika...)


Ve'az ani nichnas lacheder, vesho'el...


And then I go into the room and ask:
"Is everyone here fine, are they all still living?"
and you sing with a guitar, longings to the sea
because asking for love doesn't ever end

I won't recount everything, only how I wanted you
and when the war broke out, we lived in the kitchen
and when the war passed, as everything passes
I put together a band, guitar bass and drums.

And the band played hard, itself
and the broadcaster screamed the punk came back to town
and each November when we got sad and cold
we got close to each other and to life again.

And then I got into the room and flowers in your head
the television tricks people quite a bit
so let's do nonsense, and we'll speak the truth
I tell you let's get naked in order to get close

I won't recount everything, how we made love
we got close to a great God, in stadiums,
Michelle Michelle I called you, and it made you laugh
and in the square you got close to me,
at the death of our father Yitzchak (Rabin)**

And the band...

And thus we got close to the land, to the captures
"I want to sleep with you," you screamed to me on the road
and sometimes you'd whisper to me, among people
let's get married, make me a child, and write me a song

I won't recount everything, about the day that passed
all the bands, the friends that disappeared
and in the autumn evening light when it got cold already
we get close to the music... (music, music...)

And the band...

And then I go into the room and ask...

Hebrew words

**the entire line is about "our being together in the (Tel Aviv city hall) square when Rabin was shot"
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Shlomo Artzi
Shlomo Artzi
Shlomo Artzi

Words transliterated and translated by George Jakubovits of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
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