Az ba’achu,
shama nachu
marvadei marganiyot.
Shemesh chemed menachemet,
k’mo yedei rakdaniyot.
Shovel keshet,
ketem desheh,
vesimchat hasnuniyot,
utzchokech hacham
bishtei gumot baishaniyot.

Lo hashemesh
pizra zahav bese’arech.
Lo hashemesh
itra einech betzeva-yam.
Mabatihu! Ki shilachtihu,
ki shilachtihu lesham.

Lu miharti, ve’amarti,
“Hanelech el hanahar?
Sham bishnayim, bashamayim
negaleh et hamachar.”
Ach shatakti, vehismakti.
Lo giliti lach davar,
utzchokech hacham
k’mo kayitz belibi avar.

Lo hashemesh…

Venashakt li, ve’amart li:
“Hen machar yavo hastav.”
Kvar shalechet,
at holechet,
va’ani od me’ohav.
Az ba’achu,
shama nachu
pa’am ne’urei zahav,
utzchokech hacham
lesham moshcheni gam achshav.

Lo hashemesh…



Then there lay blazing,
over there reposing,
colorful carpets of pimpernel.
The beautiful sunshine was soothing,
like the caress of dancers’ hands.
There was a rainbow’s trail,
a grassy patch,
and the joy of the swallows –
and the warmth of your (f.) laughter
between bashful dimples.

No, not the sun
scattered gold dust in your hair.
No, not the sun
painted your eyes the color of the sea.
It was my gaze upon you
over there.

If only I had hastened and said:
“Shall we go down to the river?
There together, in the sky
we’ll discover what tomorrow holds.”
But I kept silent, and only blushed.
I didn’t reveal a thing to you,
and the warmth of your laughter
went through my heart like the summer.

No, not the sun…

Then you kissed me and said:
“Autumn will come tomorrow.”
The leaves were already falling,
you were leaving,
and I was still in love.
Then there lay blazing,
over there reposing,
once, our golden youth,
and the warmth of your laughter
draws me there even now.

No, not the sun…

Hebrew words

The song is Russian in origin. Hence the ‘beautiful sun’ [shemesh chemed] casts a soft, soothing shine at the end of summer. The dancers [rakdaniot] are ballerinas. And the girl, of course, is blonde and blue-eyed.
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Hebrew: Idit Chachamovitch Orig. Yakub Shvedov
Folk - Russian Arragement: Ilan Anatoli Novkovitch
Dance Demonstration

Words transliterated and translated by Danny Kolker of Los Angeles, California, USA.
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