Hi amrah lo tir'eh ani lo tze'irah,
atah gever zaken betoch arisah -
ani muchanah ani muchanah

Hu amar lah ulai,
bo'i nohav rak vedai
bahemshech yit'baher
nir'eh mah kedai
achshav bo'i elai achshav bo'i elai

Va'ani lo hevanti, lo yad'ati
yesh bach mashehu acher
velachen lo rak bikashti, hit'chananti
ein li ko'ach levater

Hi amrah lo tir'eh bishvilcha zeh bilui
me'olam lo karov tamid rak mimul
az im atah ba tavi et kulcha

Hu amar lah tir'i ani k'tzat iti
rotzeh levater rotzeh k'tzat harbeh
hu amar lah tir'i ani k'tzat iti

Va'ani lo hevanti...

Neheneti nora lalechet itach,
lalechet itach neheneti nora
neheneti nora afilu rak lin'shikah

Va'ani lo hevanti...


She told him “Look I'm not young,
you are an old man inside a cradle -
I'm ready, I'm ready”

He told her perhaps,
come we'll love and that'll be enough
as it continues, it'll become clear
we'll see what's worthwhile
now come to me, now come to me

And I did not understand, did not know
there's something different about you
and that is why I did not just ask, I implored
I don't have the strength to give up

She told him “Look, for you it's about having fun
never close, always from a distance
so if you come, bring all of yourself”

He told her “look I'm a bit slow
I want to give up, I want a bit much”
he told her “look I'm a bit slow”

And I did not understand...

I greatly enjoyed walking with you,
walking with you I greatly enjoyed
I greatly enjoyed even just a kiss

And I did not understand...

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Yosi Brosh & Alex Topol
Alex Topol & Gabi Tzaiger
Yetziat Cherum
Nona Malki
Demonstrated by Nona Malki
Taught by Nona Malki

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