Lo agadah re'ai
Lo agadah re'ai
ve'lo chalom over:
hineh mul har sinai
hineh mul har sinai
has'neh, has'neh bo'er.
Ve'hu lohev beshir
befi g'dudei banim,
vesha'arei ha'ir
beyad hashimshonim.

Ho, shalhevet yah -
einei hane'arim,
ho, shalhevet yah -
ber'om hamenu'im,
od yesupar al zeh hayom echai,
beshuv ha'am el ma'amad sinai.

Re'ai, zeh lo chalom
Re'ai, zeh lo chalom
ve'lo chazyon hozeh
me'az ve'ad hayom (
me'az ve'ad hayom
bo'er, bo'er has'neh.
Lohet bezemer on
balevavot ha'el
shel na'arei tzion
verechev yisrael.

Ho, shalhevet yah...


It's not a tale my friends
It's not a tale my friends
and it's not a passing dream:
behold here in front of Mount Sinai
behold here in front of Mount Sinai
the thorn-bush is burning.
And it is flashing in song,
in the mouths of boys regiments,
and the gates of the city
the sun-roses in hand.

Oh flame of God,
in the eyes of the youth,
oh flame of God -
in the roars of engines
this day will yet be retold, my brothers
of the nation's return to Sinai's position

My friends, it's nota dream
My friends, it's nota dream
and it's not a dreamer's vision
from back then till this day
from back then till this day
the thorn-bush is burning.
It is flashing in song of strength
in the hearts of God
of the boys of Zion
and the troop of Israel.

Oh flame of God...

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This song was written especialy for the Sinai campaign.
Two days before the 1956 war, the members of the army performing group Lahakat Hanachal were called to Moshe Vilensky's home to learn the new song. He composed the music to words by Yechi'el Mohar. It was the anthem for the war.

by: Chana Shuvaly

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