Eizeh mazal: hech'lateti lageshet
el hatzagat hakolno'a hashniyah
eizeh mazal, hit'chil laredet geshem
eizeh mazal she'lo haytah lach mitriah.

Eizeh mazal hikarti et paneicha
eizeh mazal chiyacht elai pit'om
eizeh mazal: hitz'ata li lalechet
yachad itcha amarta - yesh makom.

Shneinu yachad tachat mitriah achat
shneinu medal'gim al kol hashluliot
ir bageshem sachah lanu kachah -
hachaim yafim kedai lachem lichyot!

Eizeh mazal echarnu et haseret
eizeh mazal she'azlu hakartisim
kol har'chovot nish'tefu sufah so'eret
or tziv'oni bizbezu hapanasim

Ba habarak (ve)hetzit et kol ha'ofek
ra'am gadol kivah et habarak
pachad pit'om hechalish bi et hadofek
eizeh mazal she'achazta bi chazak!

Shneinu yachad...

Eizeh mazal hif'sik laredet geshem
vehitbaher haraki'a al ha'ir
im hapreidah haytah me'at nir'geshet
az ha'ashem hu bemezeg ha'avir

Ish lo sha'al im nosif venipagesh shuv
(ru'ach nash'vah hayah k'tzat me'uchar)
aval tamid ksheha'ir mutzefet geshem
shneinu levetach ro'im oto davar:

Shneinu yachad...



What luck: I decided to come
to the second theatre show
what luck, it started to rain
such luck that you didn't have an umbrella

What luck, I recognized your face
such luck, you smiled at me suddenly
what luck: you offered to walk
together with you, you said - there's room.

The two of us together under one umbrella
the two of us skipping over all the puddles
a city in the rain speaks to us like this -
life is beatiful, it's worthwhile for you to live!

What luck, we were late for the movie
such luck that the tickets were sold out
all the streets were flooded by a thundering storm
a colourful light thrown out by the lanterns

The lightning came and lit the whole horizon
a great thunder put out the lightning
suddenly fear weakened my heartbeat
what luck that I held on to your strongly!

The two of us together...

What luck that the rain stopped falling
and the sky cleared up over the city
if the separation was a bit moving
then the blame is on the weather.

Nobody asked if we'll go on and meet again
(a wind blew, it was a bit late)
but whenever the city's flooded with rain
the two of us surely see the same thing:

The two of us together...

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Naomi Shemer
Naomi Shemer
Lehakat Hanacha"l
Gidi Gov & Meital Trabelsi

Words transliterated and translated by George Jakubovits of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
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