Mitkarev mitkrev
Nitzotzot mehalev
Hayechida sheratziti
Et chayai ba’olam
Veachshav ze mushlam
Eze kef she’at kan

Mitnatzel mitnatzel
Ani adayin sho’el
Im at od sham az chaki li
Lo uchal levater
Ze kol kach mehamem
Eze kef she’at kan

Keter leroshech
Ma tzarich adam kdey lechayech
Rak tipa daka miziv orech
Mechakeh kol yom
Ner al hachalon
At habrachah
Sheket veshalva

Mitragesh mitragesh
Lo ozev et yadech
Mevakesh et panayich
Hamazal shel chayai
Hamilim leshirai
Eze kef she’at kan

Keter leroshech.....


Getting closer, getting closer
Sparkles from the heart
The only one
I wished to have my life with
And now it is perfect
So good to have you here

I apologise, I apologise
Still asking
If you are still there, wait for me
I can’t give you up
It is astonishing
So good to have you here

A crown on your head
What does a man need to smile
Only a thin drop of your radiating skin
I wait each day
Candle on the window
You are the blessing
The peace and quite

I get excited, I get excited
Not leaving your hand
Asking for your face
My life’s luck
To words to my songs
So good to have you here

A crown on your head.....


Hebrew words

Tal Segev
Tal Segev
Shlomi Shabat
Gadi Bitton

Words transliterated and translated by Chana Shuvaly of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
Translated for Gadi Bitton, HORA Israeli Dancing School, Melbourne, Australia, Camp 2016
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