Pit'om k'mo makat chashmal
halev sheli nafal
amart she'at ozevet
umistakel letoch einaich hak'chulot
achshav hem chashuchot
rekot meregesh.

Kol halailah lo nirdam levad
over mitzad letzad
velo ragu'a
zeh ko'ev betoch halev
ki yesh od ga'agu'a.

velo mevin le'an halev sheli nose'a
mitga'age'a zeh lo cholef
od tir'i she'eshtage'a biglalech.

Vehasipur hazeh bo'er
bechol haguf over
ve'ein li reg'a sheket
ro'eh otach ke'ilu at bechol makom
hametziut hazot oti choneket.

Kol halailah lo nirdam levad...


Suddenly like an electric strike
my heart fell
you said that you are leaving
and I look into your blue eyes
now they are dark
empty of feeling.

All night I don't fall asleep alone
I move from side to side
and I'm not relaxed
it hurts inside my heart
because there's still a longing.

I'm yearning
and I don't get where my heart is going
and I hover
I'm longing, it's not passing
you'll yet see I'll go cry because of you.

And this story burns
passing through the whole body
and I don't have a quiet moment
I see you as though you're in every place
this reality is choking me.

All night I don't fall asleep alone...

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Rami Lev
Adi Le'on
Eyal Golan
Metziut Acheret Track 6
Yardena Leib

Words transliterated and translated by George Jakubovits of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
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