Eretz tovah shehadvash be'orkeha
Ach dam benachaleha kemayim nozel.

Eretz asher harereha nechoshet
Aval atzabeha barzel.

Eretz asher mirdafim koroteha,
Alpayim dapim ve'od daf,
Ad shenisraf
Od me'at kol chamtzan re'oteha
Biglal merutzat hamirdaf.

Eretz asher yirdefuha oyveha
Vehi et oyveha tirdof bemirdaf.

Hi et oyveha tasig, ach oyveha
Heim lo yilkeduha bechaf.

Zo haro'ah chayeha mi'negged
T'luyim ka'aleh hanidaf

Hi yere'ah
Aval kemo lo hayta klal mud'eget
Tamtin ad letom hamirdaf.

Tom hamirdaf mistater benakik
Umatzpin et panav bemachbo, bemachbo,

Ach lesofo hu yavo kemo hashemesh
Asher mimizrach hi tavo.

Az lo yoter imahot tekonenah
Velo al b'neihem ha'avot,
Ken hu yavo
Veragleinu ad az lo til'enah
Lirdof be'ikvei hatikvot.


A good land with honey running in her veins
While blood flows through her rivers like water.

A land with mountains of copper
But with nerves of steel.

A land marked by a history of pursuit
Two thousand pages plus one more,
Until soon
All the oxygen in her lungs is consumed
In the heat of the chase.

A land that will be pursued by her foes
And she in turn will give them pursuit.

Although she will catch her enemies, they
Shall not entrap her in the palm of their hands.

A person on the sidelines observing her life,
Suspended like a leaf quivering in the wind,

Shall be fearful.
But, as if not in the least unconcerned,
She'll wait for the end of the chase.

The end of the chase is hiding in a crevice
Secreting its face in a hideaway hole,

But in the end it will come, like the sun
That ascends in the East.

Then no more will mothers lament
Nor will fathers their sons mourn,
Yes it will come;
Our feet shall not tire until then
From pursuit of the paths of hope.

Hebrew words

Yaron London
Nachum Heiman
Chava Alberstein
The Early Years Vol. 8 Disk 15 Track 19
Karina Lambert

Words transliterated and translated by Gila Ansell Brauner of Jerusalem, Israel.
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