At yoshevet halailah bacheder,
mesaderet madaf shel s'farim yeshanim
leyamim at tavini she'ein zeh mikreh,
shematz'at davka daf mekumat mishanim.

Hu katav -
"le'olam lo tihyeh li acheret,
vehashemesh zocheret ko nishb'ati lach kan.
Ad yomech ha'acharon lo ted'i mahu etzev,
vetishvi erev erev, imi bashulchan."

Milim, milim.

Kvar shavu'a hu lo mis'takel bach,
vegam k'shelavasht hatovah basimlot.
Leyamim at tavini she'ein zeh mikreh,
zot haderech shelo lehagid lach shalom.

Hu katav...


You sit in the room tonight,
you arrange a shelf of old books
for days you will understand that it's not coincidence,
that you found exactly that crumpled page from years ago.

He wrote -
"there will never be another woman for me,
and the sun remember how I took an oath to you here.
Till your last day you will not know sorrow,
and you will sit every evening with me by the table."

Words, word.

It's already been a week that he hasn't look at you,
and even when you put on the best of dresses.
For days you will understand that it's not coincidence,
this is his way to tell you goodbye.

He wrote...

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Arik Berman
Arik Berman
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