Hu yad'a she'ein bachof shum migdalor,
ach tamid, k'shechazar im leil,
min hachof hayah mav'chin, betoch hash'chor,
or pil'i koretz lo vetzohel.

Hu yad'a she'ein bachof shum migdalor,
ach tamid he'ir lo or mitoch hash'chor.

Hi nash'kah/chiktah lo bisfataim meluchot,
hu chavak otah elav dumam,
hu hivti'ach: "esha'er imach, achot!"
ach im shachar shuv chazar/chamak layam.


Pa'am hi laf'tah oto chazak chazak:
"hisha'er, ki lo uchal yoter!"
hu nashak lishtei eineiha, veshatak:
ach im shachar shuv nir'ah choter.

Ach im lailah, beshuvo miyam ush'chor,
lo he'ir lo od ha'or kemigdalor.

Hem matz'u otah bachof, bein hatz'dafim,
velibah kegush pecham shachor.
Verak az balat gilu lo hash'chafim,
ki libah hayah lo migdalor.


Hu chafan az et halev asher uchal,
pet'a shuv zarach halev vacham.
Vechayom bim'rom hatzuk, berosh migdal,
hu me'ir lechol malach bayam.

Ki lamrot she'ein bachof shum migdalor,
lev echad tamid me'ir lo min hash'chor.


He knew there's no lighthouse on the shore,
but always as he returned at night,
from the shore he'd distinguish, in the darkness,
a wonder light cuts off for him and shouts for joy.

He knew there's no lighthouse on the shore,
but it always lit up for him from within the darkness.

She kissed/awaited him with salty lips,
he embraced her to him quietly,
he promised: "I'll stay with you, sister!"
but with dawn he again returned/ran off to sea.


Once she grabbed him very strongly:
"stay, for I cannot go on anymore!"
He kissed both her eyes and was silent:
but with dawn he was again seen rowing.

But at night as he returned from the sea and darkness,
The light no longer lit up for him as a lighthouse.

They found her on the shore, between the shells,
and her heart as a block of black coal.
And only the the seagulls revealed softly to him
that her heart was as a lighthouse to him.


He then seized his heart which was eaten up,
suddenly his heart was shining and warm.
and now at the height of a cliff, at the top of the tower,
he lights up (the way) to all sailors at sea.

For despite that there's no lighthouse on the shore,
one heart always lights up from the darkness.

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Dan Almagor
Moshe Wilensky
Shoshanah Damari
Yehudit Ravitz

Words transliterated and translated by George Jakubovits of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
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