Ein p'santer etzli babayit
vegam lo kinor
akordion shel tza'atzu'a
li lo ya'azor
az et ha'aron patachti
vehotzeti sir kaf vegam mazleg lakachti
ve'achshav lashir

Metofefet al hasir
metofefet im hashir
k'mo al darbukah metofefet
ve'im haketzev mit'ofefet

Hash'chenim omrim yaldonet
kvar ko'ev harosh
be'emet t'ni k'tzat sheket
bein shtaim leshalosh
va'ani lahem omeret
zeh etzli hakef
mehaboker ad ha'erev
lashir uletofef

Ein organ etzli babayit
vegam lo chalil
az lamah shehasir shel ima
ya'amod k'mo dach'lil


I'm a drummer (female) 

I don't have a piano at home
nor a violion either
a toy accordeon
won't help me
so I opened the closet
so I took out a pot, spoon and a fork too
and now to sing

I'm drumming on the pot
drumming with the song
I'm drumming like on a tarbukah
and I'm flying with the beat

My neighbours say girl
our head's hurting already
really give us some silence
between two and three
and I say to them
it's fun for me
from morning to evening
to sing and to drum

I don't have an organ at home
nor a flute either
so why should a song of Mom's
stand like a scarecrow

Hebrew words

Smadar Shir
Moshe Datz
Sarit Hadad
Shmulik Gov Ari

Words transliterated and translated by George Jakubovits of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
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