Seret bli milah
K'mo mit'nagen lemul einai
Bah veshav elai
Umilot t'filah
Melat'fot machshavotai
Shuv at al s'fatai

Ve'anachnu sheta'inu
Shehalachnu le'ibud
Shuv chodrim el hamuvan
Shuv anachnu kan

K'mo ma'ayan bein hasla'im
K'mo meteor bein kochavim
K'mo ahavah lenich'zavim
K'mo zikaron leshochachim
K'mo or hashemesh lecholmim
K'mo bo hageshem letzamim
Shuv anachnu kan
Shuv anachnu kan
Shuv anachnu kan

Revach bli sibah
K'mo t'kufah shene'elmah
K'mo behazayah
Sam shel metzi'ut
Meshach'rer bi hatniyah
Noten li menuchah

Ve'anachnu sheta'inu...

K'mo ma'ayan bein hasla'im...


A movie without words
As thought playing in front of my eyes
Comes and returns to me
And words of prayer
Stroke my thoughts
Again you are on my lips.

And it is us that erred
That got lost
Again going into the understood
Again we're here

Like a spring between the rocks
Like a meteor between stars
Like love to the disappointed
Like a memory to the forgetful
Like the sunlight to the dreaming
Like the rain to the thirsty
Again we're here
Again we're here
Again we're here

Relief without a reason
Like a time that disappeared
Like in a vision
A reality drug
Releases the condition within me
Gives me rest

And it is us that erred...

Like a spring between the rocks...


Hebrew words

Amit Tzach
Boaz Sharabi + Amit Tzach
Boaz Sharabi
Oren Ashkenazi & Eli Segal

Words transliterated and translated by George Jakubovits of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
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