Merachok at pitom nir’et acheret
lo ze lo hamilim she'at omeret
beinenu ein af echad
ubachutz od laila yarad,
terem nigmar.

Merachok tistakel tire acheret
lo ze lo siyum atzum meseret
beinenu ein af echad
ubachutz od laila iarad,
vechvar meuchar.

Ahavah she'avdah ba'ah venoteshet
kmo sufah od derech avudah
Bishtikah aruchah
zot shelo yadanu
et kuchah sorefet hadmamah.

Od ve'od machshavot ratzot,
ein sheket
Hadmama et gufi hi meshateket
beneinu ein af echad,
beneinu ein af echad,
ze rak mischak.

Ahavah sheavdah…



From afar you suddenly look different
It's not the words that you say,
there's no one between us,
and outside another evening has come in,
yet unfinished.

From afar look - see differently,
It's not a huge ending, as in a movie
there's no one between us,
and outside another evening has come in,
and it's already late.

Lost love comes and deserts
Like a storm, another lost way
Silently the wind,
the one we didn't know
Calm burns the long silence,
Silence whose strength we didn't know.

More and more thoughts run,
no peace
Silence freezes my body
there's no one between us,
there's no one between us,
it's just a game.

Lost love comes and fades....

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Hebrew: Eyal Shachar & Pini Aronbayev
Shiri Maimon & Eyal Shachar
Bonny Piha

Words transliterated by Martin Ramos of Tarapoto, Peru.
Words translated by Chana Shuvaly of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
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