K'mo shehit'chil lanu hayom
yad'anu mah holech lik'rot
amarti sh'tut ve'at tzachakt
hayah barur sheyesh mis'chak

K'mo she'amad't bechalukech
k'mo shehif'shalt et mabatech
hir'gish matok ba'atzamot
yad'anu zeh holech lik'rot

Melach yam, melach yam, motek k'tzefet
chol al s'fatech, chol al s'fatech hamit'chatzefet
chiyuchech, chiyuchech mit'pashet beheiter
mabatech, mabatech mit'artel od yoter

Le'at le'at ba'atzaltaim
baketzev shel hatzohoraim
lo ratzinu lehilachetz
alinu habaitah lehit'rachetz

Rak shehayinu echad echad
ulai hayiti k'tzat mut'rad
az ba ha'osher hacham vehachad
hevenu yachad shtaim echad

Melach yam...

Ekach avir avi lanu mayim
ulai af'sik lir'od bein(a)taim
ve'az maher et zeh ech'tov
leha'id al mashehu tov


As the day began for us
we knew what is going to happen
I said some nonsense and you laughed
it was clear that it's a game

As you stood in your gown
as you rolled up your look
it felt sweet in the bones
we knew it is going to happen

Sea salt, sea salt, whipped cream sweetness
sand on your lip, sand on your impertinent lip
your smile, your smile undresses with permission
your look, your look exposed even more

Slowly slowly with laziness
in the rhythm of afternoon
we did not want to be pressed
we went home to wash up

Only as were were one and one (alone)
maybe I was a bit bothered
then the warm, sharp joy came
we brought together two into one

Sea salt...

I'll take air, I'll bring us water
maybe I'll stop shaking in the meantime
and then I'l write this fast
to prove something good

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Meir Ariel
David Broza, Izhar Ashdot & Peter Roth
David Broza
Edo Israely
Edo Israely

Words transliterated and translated by George Jakubovits of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
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