Yesh li me'ahev
she'oti ohev
bein arba leshesh
umiyad notesh

Yesh li me'ahev
she'oti ohev
besignon chafuz
hu much'rach lazuz

Aval eich efshar kach lihyot me'ushar
lamah mit'nagshim asur umutar
ba'or hamehav'hev kan etzli balev

Mul sh'kiyat tapet
hu od mit'labet
va'ani k'mo esh
lech vetit'garesh

Me'ahev omer
ein mah ledaber
ad shehu lo met
hi lo titen lo get

Aval eich efshar...

Az sh'ma li me'ahev
lech vetehav'hev
bemakom acher
rak tze mipo maher

Aval eich efshar...


I have a lover
that loves me
between four and six
and then immediately abandons me

I have a lover
that loves me
in a hurried fashion
he has to go

But how can one be happy this way
why does forbidden and allowed clash
in the flickering light here in my heart

In front of the lowering stage
he's still taking pains
and I'm like fire
go and get divorced

Lover says
there's nothing to talk about
while he's not dead
she won't give him a divorce

But how can one...

So listen to me lover
go and flicker
in another place
just get out of here fast

But how can one...

Photo of Artist & Hebrew words

Adi Renret & Shaham Smith
Adi Renret
Gali Atari

Words transliterated and translated by George Jakubovits of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
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