BaJumalan chai mashiach hazaken,
levad babayit bli ishah bli ben.
Agar sam kesef bemeshech shiv'im shanah,
bishvil lik'not ishah lechatunah.

Kamah dinar asaf?
Alla yodea.
Ulai shloshah dinar?
Ulai pi me'ah.
Ulai shloshim dinar?
Ulai kiflayim.
Ulai shalosh me'ot?
Nishteh lechayim!

Tov lamashiach tov - hez!
Alla yavi lo mazal tov - hez!

BaJumalan chai mashiach hazaken,
begil shiv'im halach lehitchaten.
Ishah tamah kanah hu bechol kaspo,
banim teled yis'u kulam et sh'mo.

Kamah banim yolid?
Shiv'ah inshallah.
Im rak yolid shishah,
shevach l'Alla.
Ulai rak chamishah,
ko'ach kvar ein lo.
Im rak yirtzeh hashem echad yiten lo.

Tov lamashiach...

BaJumalan chai mashiach hazaken,
bayom balailah hitpalel leben.
BaJumalan af echad lo he'emin,
ki mazal charah sheva pa'amim.

Et mi yaldah rishon?
Et habat Jamila.
Umi nolad sheni?
Habat Jalila.
Umi nolad bator?
Habat Kamila.
Umi nolad basof?
Tzila v Gila.

Ish lo yisa et shmo - hez!
ad hamashiach bo yavo - hez!



In Jumalan lives old Mashiach,
alone in his house without wife or son.
He saved his money in a jar for 70 years
to buy a bride.

How many dinars did he save?
Allah knows.
Perhaps 3 dinars?
Perhaps a hundred fold?
Perhaps 30 dinars?
Perhaps double that?
Perhaps 300?
We'll drink lechayim.

It's good for Mashiach, it's good.
Allah will bring him good luck.

In Jumalan lives old Mashiach,
at the age of 70 he went to get married.
He bought a pure woman with all his money,
she'll bear him sons to carry his name.

How many sons will she bear?
7 with the help of Allah.
If she only bears six,
praise be to Alla.
Maybe only five,
he has no more energy.
If only god willing one (son) be given to him.

It's good for Mashiach...

In Jumalan lives old Mashiach,
day and night he prayed for a son.
In Jumalan no one believed
that bad luck could come so many times.

Who was the firstborn?
The daughter Jamila.
Who was born second?
Daughter Jalila.
Who was born next?
Daughter Kamila.
Who was born last?
Tzila and Gila.

No man will carry his name
until Mashiach finally comes!

Hebrew words

Transliteration completed by Randy Agadi of Great Neck, NY.

This was the most popular song from the classic 1964 Israeli movie "Sallah"
The lead character was named Sallah Shabati, played by Chaim Topol.
It was nominated for best foreign film in the 1964 Academy Awards.
Topol does a wonderful job of playing Sallah, a Morrocan Yemenite immigrant to the Yishuv,
who was taken with his family to a ma'abara (a tent dwelling for new comers in the 60's).

He sings this song in the tavern. (it's also called the Tavern Song on the soundtrack)

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Uriel Ofek
Yochanan Zarai
Chaim Topol
Chaim Topol & Jo Amar
Dudu Yasmin

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