Eich zeh echad shemitkayem
vehasheni shemitbalbel
vebe'oto rechov garim
ve'et otah simta cholkim
kol hazman zeh kayam
vebasheni zeh ne'elam
velo od zeh lo otzer
ve'el oto makom tamid zeh chozer

Az hineh shuv magi'a
hineh shuv nadam
vehasheni mofi'a
toch shniyah zeh ne'elam
az ten mabat el pnimah
ten lir'ot shezeh kayam
hadku t'achagurot
ki mamri'im shuv mikan

Ve'eich zeh echad shetamid omer
vehasheni yashar soter
et mah sheyesh lo lehagid
vezeh hapachad sheme'id
shebamach'loket hazot
vezeh batu'ach kvar lo sod
hem kvar danim
otah shanim
vezeh merkaz ha'inyanim lo lehas'kim

Az hineh shuv magi'a...

Ve'eich zeh echad shemit'palel
vehasheni yashar posel
posel be'even et d'muto
vehu batu'ach sheshelo mah shekayam
kol hazman yavo hagal
yish'tof otam
el oto makom shneihem yelchu
otah haru'ach shelocheshet bekirbam.

Az hineh shuv magi'a...


How is it that one's preserved
and the other is confused
and they live in the same street
and they share the same alley
it always exists
and it disappears in another
and not yet, it does not stop
and it always returns to the same place

So here it comes again
here one falls silent again
and the second appears
in a second it disappears
so look inside
let's see that it exists
fasten your seatbelts
because we're taking off from here again

And how is it that one always says
and the other contradicts
whatever he has to say
and it's the fear that witnesses
that which is in this difference of opinions
and it's certain, no longer a secret
and they already pronounce judgements
about it for years
and the centra issue is not to agree

So here it comes again...

And how is it that one prays
and the other makes statues
makes a statue of his figure in stone
and he's sure that all that exists is his
there will always come that wave
that will wash them away
to the same place that the two will go to
the same wind that whispers in their midst.

So here it comes again...

Hebrew words

Mosh Ben Ari
Mosh Ben Ari
Mosh Ben Ari
Rafi Ziv

Words transliterated and translated by George Jakubovits of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
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