Kol hamilim hasmechot
Partzu shuv kehora so'eret
Tipasnu im kol haruchot
El pisgat hachermon hazoheret.

Im shachar halaiyla nimlat
Tovei'a ha'emek b'or -
Damesek ba'ofek nivla'at
Gilboa noshek latavor

Lu hayit leyadi
Lu at kan - lu at kan
Hayiti nos'eich al kapaiyim
Me'al arpilim, arpilim v'anan
Liktof kochavim bashamaiyim.

Ilu hayit kan iti -
Hayiti noten lach mazkeret
Et kol ha'orot chemdati
Mehabanyas ve'ad hakinneret

Hayiti magish lach malchot -
Tovelet b'yam shel zahav
Misheleg hayiti tofer lach -
Simla le'vana keshenhav.


Hayinu golshim bamidron
Hayinu shotfim im haru'ach
Shotkim bechedvat timahon -
Venoshkim ze la zu le'kinu'ach

Ach at lo nimtzet le'tzidi
Verak hamikla beyadi,
Nishbati evne lach armon,
Armon bemalchut hachermon.



All of the joy that we feel,
Bursts out in the hora we're dancing.
We have climbed on the wings of the wind
To Hermon with its beauty entrancing.

At dawn when the night speeds away,
The valley is flooded with light,
Damascus is on the horizon,
Gilboa's a wonderful sight

Oh, if only I could,
Bring you here by my side,
To hold you and hold you for ever,
And carry you over the mists and the cloud
To pluck shining stars in the heavens.

If you were with me today,
I'd give you a gift to remember,
All of the lights down below
From the Banias and down to Kinneret.

I'd hand you a kingdom of love,
That floats on a river of light
And out of the snow I would fashion,
A garment of soft, shining white.


Together we'd glide down the slope,
And fly on the sails of the breeze,
We'd gaze at the beauty around,
And kiss and embrace when we please.

But you're far away from my arms,
I've only my gun at my side.
I've sworn that I'll build you a palace,
A palace here fit for a bride.


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Yovav Katz
Efi Netser
Lehakat Pikud Tzafon
Motzei Aviv
Lehakat Pikud Tzafon - Halehitim Hagdolim Track 10
Avner Naim

Words transliterated and translated by George Jakubovits of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
Singable Italian translation by Daniel Shalev of Rishon Le Zion, Israel.
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Singable Italian


Ho preso con me la chitarra
e, come in un ballo sfrenato,
io salgo col vento, mia cara,
in cima al Chermon innevato.

Col buio all' alba fuggiasco
risplendono le valli d' or,
lontano si vede Damasco
e bacia Ghilb?a il Tab?r.

Se tu vieni con me,
solo tu, proprio tu,
oh bella che sei, tra le belle,
in braccio ti porto, andiamo lass?
a cogliere in cielo le stelle.

Vieni, non dirmi di no,
in dono ti faccio avere,
tutte le luci ti do
del B?nias e della Kinn?ret.

Oh, cara, il mio regno ? servito
su un piatto dorato, perch?
di neve díavorio ho cucito
un candido manto per te.

Se tu vieni con me...

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