An'lo yode'a im at yoda'at
le'ehov oti k'mo she'ani
lo yode'a im ani yode'a
le'ehov otach k'mo she'at.

Ani loke'ach bechazarah dvarim kashim nora
she'amarti lach ve'amart gam li
ki kol milah hi k'mo s'tirah
k'mo d'kirah
kol milah she'emrah,
kol milah she'emrah.

Ulai ta'iti ve'lo ra'iti
ulai ahavt oti baderech shelach
im yacholti rak lada'at
ulai hayiti nir'ga venach.

Ani loke'ach...


I don't know if you know
to love me as I am
I don't know if I know
to love you as you are.

I take back terribly hard things
that I said to you and you said to me too
because each word is like a slap
like a stab
each word that's said,
each word that's said.

Perhaps I erred and I did not see
perhaps you loved me in your own way
if only I could have known
perhaps I'd be calm and relaxed.

I take...

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Yehudah Poliker & Ya'akov Gil'ad
Yehudah Poliker
Yehudah Poliker

Words transliterated and translated by George Jakubovits of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
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