Kubiot b'etzei shoko,
omer tzafat aval hu dei moroko
kol ha-yom b'cheder kosher
az lo tzarich livdok lo et ha-yosher

hu lo mishtamesh b'milim
hu m'daber im ha-yadayim
soref im ha-enayim
k'she-hu omer mitchilim
ha-lev sheli roked b'ma'galim

v'hu yashen b'mitati
v'hu ochel m'tzalachti
yesh li trick kavu'a
p'amayim b'shavua
yesh li love boy

hu lo ragish v'lo romanti
lo m'shaneh im hu b'ad o anti
hu lo tzarich harbeh lada'at
hu doctor shel k'vod b'eikh laga'at
ani lo tz'richa l'harshim
o lih'yot m'sha'asha'at
ki ani yoda'at
kshe-hu yagid mitchilim
ha-lev sheli yirkod b'ma'galim


Six-pack in a chocolate color
he says France but more likely Morocco
All day in the gym
then it's not necessary to check his honesty

he's not proficient in words
he speaks with his hands
he's burning with his eyes
when he says, "let's go"
my heart dances in circles

and he sleeps in my bed
and he eats from my plate
I have a permanent trick
twice a week
I have a love boy

he's not sensitive and not romantic
it doesn't make a difference if he's in favor or against
he doesn't need to know a lot
he's a doctor of honor in how to touch
I don't need to impress
or be entertaining
because I know
when he will tell me, "let's go"
my heart will dance in circles

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Dana International and Miriam Yalen Shteklis
Eli Abramov, Dana International & Kobi Oshrat
Dana International

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