Al haderech bein Leipzig leBarcelona
Hakvish aroch, shachor vegeshem mechase et hatmuna
Sichei chardal misanverim ve′ein avir leneshima
Sofrim et hashaot umechakim lashemesh shetofia
Biktse haminhara.

Ata nishbar, lezman katsor
Kshe'ha'gitara menaseret et halaila

Al haderech tamid tofsim tnoma
Ha'arafel bachuts omed le'lo tnoa
Ve'ha'radio shuv chotech et hadmama
Zorkim et habdalim vemechakim lagvol
She'mitkarev uva

Pizmon (3x)


On the way between Leipzig and Barcelona,
The long black lane, and rain covers the picture,
Mustard bushes dazzle, no air to breathe,
We count the hours and await the rising of the sun,
The end of the tunnel.

You are broken, for a short while,
And you pull yourself together again
When the guitar saws through the night.

On the way, we always take a nap,
The fog outside remains steady,
And the radio cuts the silence again,
We throw the stubs away and wait for the border
Which comes closer.

Chorus (3x)

Hebrew words

The song was written while Rami Fortis was on a tour across Europe with his former band Minimal Compact, before the fall of the Iron Curtain.

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Rami Fortis
Berry Sakharof, Rami Fortis
Rami Fortis
Sipurim mehakufsa (Tales from the Box) Track 9

Words transliterated and translated by Frank Fischer of Leipzig, Germany.
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